NNS Not Showing ckBTC

Hello, I am having an issue with converting BTC to ckBTC. I sent Bitcoin to my NNS address, however the wallet isn’t recognizing any bitcoin. The transaction has gone through (more than 24 hours ago), and I can see that my NNS wallet has received the bitcoin on Blockonomics, but nothering registering on NNS. When I click check for incoming BTC I get the error “Sorry, the balance cannot be updated. The minter has already been notified and updating the balance is in progress.”

TXID: e7db536767de98925ea65e00cbe52bbc8b4292a1d813ddf4bd62daf4cd0ac28d

NNS Bitcoin Address: bc1qx4etlhrj9682nts53qpw3k0za4f4vdzdyqtd6g

I am getting email from forum members telling me to reach out to live support chat here : https:// XXXXX.web.app/ [Admin edit by @Severin: URL censored so nobody accidentally goes there]

Is this legit ?

No. Don’t. It is not legit.

About your problem, @THLO will be able to give you some insight. Until there, you can read this.

Unfortunately, the transaction didn’t pass KYT verification and it is now quarantined as you can see on the ckBTC minter dashboard (search for your transaction ID or “QUARANTINED UTXOS”).

The bad news is that the bitcoins will remain in this state in the foreseeable future.
The silver lining is that the funds are not lost. The ckBTC minter has control over them—it simply doesn’t mint ckBTC because the KYT check failed.
We are trying to come up with a good strategy to deal with such cases, which may include the minting of ckBTC for low-severity alerts, transferring quarantined UTXOs somewhere, …

I don’t know yet why your transfer got flagged but I’ll try to investigate.

Hi THLO, thanks for the reply. This is quite disturbing! Why might they fail KYT? I bought them on tradeogre

As a solution can you send them back to the original address ? This makes getting funds onto the ICP ecosystem difficult unless you use CEX such as binance or kucoin to buy ICP and transfer

Is it possible the BTC minter to warn the user before user can send the fund? To inform that their btc source address didn’t pass KYT ?

TradeOgre doesn’t perform any KYC checks, that’s why the transfer was flagged.

As I wrote here, this is unfortunately not (easily) possible.

KYT checks incur costs, so such an endpoint would have to require some form of payment.
A possible solution is to require a certain amount of cycles to be attached to the call. Moreover, the user would have to provide the whole transaction (possibly without signatures) to ensure that the KYT checks are performed against the right UTXOs. So, this solution would not be very user-friendly.

As I said before, everybody would certainly appreciate improvements to the KYT process. If you have any other ideas, please share them!

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If so, it would be better on the NNS UI to have some kind of warning to educate users who want to mint ckBTC about this risks. Secondly, it would be beneficial if NNS UI also display the whitelist source addresses by KYT providers that are not at risk of being flagged.

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That’s a good idea. Thanks!

KYT providers maintain a huge, permanently changing graph of addresses, so there is no fixed whitelist (or blacklist).

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