How to send ICP from coinbase to NNS?

Hi there,

Sorry for the noob question but I can’t find the answer anywhere else.

I created an account for the NNS.

When I login I can see an account number in the ICP tab. Is that string the equivalent of an ERC20 address?

If I want to transfer ICPs from Coinbase to NNS, is that the address that I should input on Coinbase?

Thanks for the help!!!

@ferMartz Yes, you can transfer ICP to this address. And you can test this transaction by sending 0.001 ICP for your peace of mind :slight_smile:

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Thanks I will try that.

Hi guys, thank you for creating a thread on this subject. I’m relatively new to ICP, but not new to Crypto and transferring funds from wallet to wallet. Today, approx. 3 hours ago, I transferred ICP from Coinbase to my NNS wallet and it is still not showing. My balance is 0.00 ICP in both CB and NNS. I copied, pasted, and verified my wallet address to the exact character, so I know I transferred to the right wallet. Is anybody aware of a long delay in the transfer to occur, or am I potentially doomed? :frowning:

I hadn’t heard anything like this before, but I want to be helpful.

When you look at the Account # on do you see any activity there?

For me, I always send a test small amount from coinbase first to nns. It usually goes fast. The second is bigger and usually it goes fast.

HOWEVER in the recent past, that second bigger transaction takes a LOT longer. In one case, it took nearly 10 hrs. YMMV

The reverse (nns->cb) has not been an issue. (Confirmation in 5-10 seconds)

Interesting. Had not seen that.

For me it has been almost immediately from Coinbase to NNS.
I’ve done few transactions with smalls amounts of 3-4 coins at the time and it is pretty fast.

I have experienced delay in other centralized platforms with other coins though.
For example, Voyager normally takes one day to send your coins to other wallets.

Note that if you bought the coins let’s say today and your bank transaction has not been cleared those centralized exchanges will not let you transfer any coins until the transaction with your bank has been settled. However, I’m puzzled that is showing zero balances in both.

You should contact Coinbase for sure. If you are using the mobile app go to settings and click on the support link.

Hope this helps!!!

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Following up: is this still the case? Has nothing arrived from Coinbase yet?

fwiw, There should be the option to ‘View transaction’ on each withdrawal from Coinbase which links to the transaction on the Internet Computer dashboard