Question: How to buy ckbtc

I know its sound stupid, but for some reason i didnt folow to much twiter and this forum. I want to buy some ckbtc, on iclighthouse or sonic its not possible. Can somebody tell me how can i buy ?
thank you!

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I use ICDex + Plug.
You can also directly transfer your ckBTC from ICDex into your NNS account.
Surprisingly convenient.

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how do you “use” something that is unusable? ICDex has 0 liquidity

I already successfully bought some ckBTC from ICDex and transferred them into my NNS account this morning.
Now it seems that no one wants to sell ckBTC.

Now you can buy some ckBTC, as long as you are quick enough!

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Hello. I would like to ask if it is true that one can buy BTC for example on a exchange, and send it straight to your ckBTC adress and it will automatically convert and show up in your ckBTC wallet lets say on the NNS. Somebody mentioned this in a youtube video.

Yes it is. Set up an internet identity and go to the nns

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It’s true, but don’t send it to your ckBTC address! Send it to your BTC address in your NNS.

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When staking ckBTC in NNS for APR in ICP?

Thats pretty crazy! Thanks :slight_smile:
If i want to convert it back to BTC i can send the ckBTC from the NNS directly to a BTC adress, and it will convert back to BTC?

Does it have to be the same adress i originally sent it from, or can i send it to any random BTC adress?

Yes, it’s crazy. :wink:
You can send/convert it back to BTC from the NNS and to any BTC adress.

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Very convenient. People need to know about this, well done.

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Last question to follow up. What if one sends BTC from a exchange straight to the BTC adress on the NNS, can one hodl real BTC on the nns now or does it have to be converted to ckBTC after?

From what i undertsood was, if one sends native BTC to the BTC adress on the NNS it remains the unique BTC from the original BTC adress and will stay that way when it gets sent back out, but as soon as one converts it to ckBTC it will no longer be the BTC from the original wallet adress it came from & after it gets converted back to BTC the BTC will be from a random adress from the pool. Is that about right? Seems great.

And if it is possible to just hold native BTC on the NNS without converting it to ckBTC, is that a thing to do? Are there people who do this? This would also be convenient to have this as a option aswell.

Simple answer is NO, but when you get BTC sent to your NNS is converted 1 to 1 and by all means you can keep it there.

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Ok thanks for the answer i appreciate it.

When you send BTC to the NNS, it automatically gets converted to ckBTC.

You can’t hold native BTC in your NNS. And as far as I know, it will not be the same adress as the one you’ve send it to initially. Not sure about this, maybe someone can confirm.

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I always keep some BTC for swaps, when I want to exchange it for ICP or other IC tokens. Convenient and way easier then using other CEX, DEX . Transfer to and from any random BTC wallet is just as fast as any other BTC transaction.

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Thanks for the info i appreciate it! The thing about it being the same BTC that came from the initial adress is not that important to me, just was wondering.

Thats actually a great idea, will take that in consideration.