Auto delete on past post/publications

Recently I logged onto this forum and a lot of my work had been deleted. Is anyone else experiencing similar issues or censorship?
Thanks to personal archives, most of the work is saved. However the community partcipation with the community was lost. what I want to understand is how the content was deleted, because personally i did not thing of such manner.

I saw a bunch of your posts get flagged for being spam. Looking at the post you re-posted, I can see where people are coming from: It looks like you’re trying to create buzzword hype but without much substance at all. Take this sentence for example:

I also saw posts of yours that were highly political in nature, and without any technical aspects. Since this forum is frequented mostly by IC developers that are already convinced of using the blockchain, your posts don’t really add to the discussion.

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[quote=“Severin, post:3, topic:14314”]
highly political in nature, and without any technical aspects”

I get that question a lot! Where is the source code? Communication comes first before implementation.

when you spam your stupid garbage mini-essays across, what, five threads? and they are accurately categorized as spam and chucked in the bin, that’s not censorship, that’s vacuuming. if you are going to post contentless advertisements for your valueless coin and otherwise not interact with the community in any way, surely you should keep it isolated to one thread.

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