Scandalous Event

Hey, I urgently need to bring attention to an incredibly scandalous incident that has occurred. My longstanding account, PHASMA, was inexplicably deleted from this platform, and this is absolutely intolerable.
It serves as unmistakable proof that Dfinity operates as nothing more than a centralized, lawless organization led by robber barons.

I am strongly urging for the immediate restoration of my old account. Failure to address this urgent matter promptly will leave me with no choice but to pursue legal action.

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For transparency…

  1. community members flagged this post.
  2. I personally reviewed it and decided to overrule the system so i let this post in.
  3. I think its silly to post like this and with this tone
  4. Indeed, before I saw this thread, I had ALREADY replied to a comment saying I would look into this.

So why did I overrule the flags? Because even though I do not agree with the premise and tone (and there is some misunderstandings of what an online community developer forum is), I thought it best to address it directly.

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The PHASMA account had posted numerous posts today that were all flagged as spam, when we reviewed the posts they were all “post deleted by author”. So without seeing the content of the post we assumed the user was attempting to evade the forum moderation process by posting inflammatory/spam violating the forums rules and then purposefully deleting the content to avoid the moderation process, this would constitute bad faith behavior and result in immediate suspension.

Over the past few months, we have seen relatively fewer posts requiring moderation, however in the past week there has been an uptick in content requiring moderation. After having a stretch of time with relatively few flags, we don’t want a resumption of large quantities of posts requiring moderation. The moderators have implemented a low tolerance strategy for spam and this has worked effectively over the past year as there has been significantly less abuse and content requiring moderation on the forum. Although the strategy has been successful overall, it can have the unintended effect of sometimes being overly inclusive. Moderators are human and sometimes do make mistakes too.

The PHASMA account created the largest amount of community flags and warnings in months (top 1% for sure). As mentioned, the admins policy is to remove accounts that get so many flags. Having said that the admins talked it over and think you should have gotten an explanation or a warning at the very least, therefore although we are unable to reinstate the account since it was deleted, we can attribute prior posts from the PHASMA user to the new PHASM account. Please be warned, posts that have been marked as spam by the community, and subsequently deleted will generally be treated as an attempt to avoid the moderation system.


Greetings, @Ang @diegop

I am formally issuing an ultimatum: restore my former account PHASMA by tomorrow evening, or I will take prompt legal action.

It is deeply disheartening that evidence has been destroyed here, a fact that has been bluntly admitted. Furthermore, this action has caused severe harm to both my reputation and the reputation of the PHASMA project. Accusing me of sole responsibility for all spam is not only false but also damaging.

Your current account Phasmafuture has all of the posts restored which were created with your prior account Phasma. You should also be able to change your current Phasmafuture username to your old username Phasma if you wish to do so.

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Can u restore new to learn

Can you please clarify what date the account was suspended on and the exact username?