Announcing SNS office hours



  • What? New SNS office hours to answer and discuss technical questions regarding the SNS DAOs.
  • When? Every other Wednesday, starting October 18th 2023.
  • Where? On this zoom link.

Hi all,

A quick look at the dashboard shows that ten SNS DAOs have launched successfully. The associated dapps are now fully managed by the SNS DAOs!

As these SNSs manage their dapps and as new projects plan to launch SNSs, new questions arise, for example how SNSs can be customized with the given parameters and how automation can be built by combining SNS functionalities with custom dapp canisters.

We think it is great that such questions are discussed on the forum, as we hope this will create and foster a setting where different SNS communities can help each other and find answers to questions in older forum posts.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that some topics are easier to discuss in a direct conversation. Therefore we would like to complement the forum discussions with office hours to discuss such technical questions related to SNSs.

We propose to start with the following setting and evaluate in the end of November 2023 how this format works:

  • 30 min sessions
  • Bi-weekly
  • Every other Wednesday, 5PM CEST / 8AM PST
  • First session is on October 18th
  • At least one DFINITY representative from a team working on the SNS is there.
  • We meet on Zoom and everyone is invited to join.
  • Find all dates in this calendar.

We hope that this new format is useful for you and are looking forward to seeing many of you in the SNS office hours!


Looking forward to it @lara


Hello and happy new year to everyone!

We evaluated the SNS office hours and propose to continue them with a slightly changed format this year. You can find all details here.