SNS Suggestion: Implementation of a queueing system for SNS DAO Proposals

Hello Modclub team here!

As we progress through the SNS process, we have a suggestion for the Foundation @bjoernek @jennifertran

Modclub’s SNS DAO was created on Monday, July 31st, and as we have been waiting for EMC’s proposal to close we thought introducing a Queue System for the SNS DAO Proposals could improve the efficiency of the process.

EMC’s voting period has experienced multiple changes due to the fluctuating majority votes (yes vs. no) caused by Dfinity’s ‘wait for quiet’ rule. And we understand the importance of giving the community ample time to review proposals and vote.

From a ‘next project in line perspective’ during this week, our team has had to keep monitoring the remaining voting period. This has been quite resource intensive since a voting period can close with an Absolute majority yes or no at any time.

A queue system would allow ready projects like ours, BoomDAO (@atomikm, @icpmaximalist), @Seers and all those to come to submit proposals and have them queue up. A validation process in order to keep you spot in the queue might be necessary too.

We believe a Queue System would streamline the process, benefit all participants, and free up all our IC Devs team’s valuable time, and could benefit the upcoming one-step process as well.

Modclub Team