Changing Future Max Lock Up for SNS-1/DKP

Hi @Thyassa,

My question for @lara and @domwoe is can we change the max lock up for new people only? Or does it have to apply to everyone?

The maximum dissolve delay can be set in the nervous system parameters (see here). It is one value that holds for all neurons.
So all neurons would be affected by this change, including developer neurons.

I assume the interesting question is what happens if the max_dissolve_delay (let’s call it max_dd) is set to a value lower than the dissolve delay (let’s shorten it to dd) of some current neurons. Let’s take as an example a neuron N with 100 years dd and assume that newly the max_dd is set to 1 year:

  • neuron N’s dd would keep the old high value of 100 years if the neuron is not touched
  • however, for the voting power only the current max_dd is relevant. That means that even though neuron N has 100 years dd, for the voting power computation it is just assumed it has 1 year (you can see here that the code takes the minimum of the actual dd and the max_dd for the computation)
  • rewards also take into account the voting power where we already took the new effective max_dd into account for N
  • whenever the dd of a neuron is changed, then it is effectively adjusted to a value that is at most the current max_dd. For neuron N this means that if its controller hits “increase dissolve delay”, then the actual dd will be set to 1 year (for example here).

Does this make sense or does anyone think I missed something?

Note that this is the canister-view. I am not sure how it would look like on a given frontend if the dissolve delay of a selected neuron is a lot larger than the max_dd. The NNS frontend dapp and other frontends might not expect that and have a hard time displaying that. For example, I am not sure how the slider would look like when such a neuron tries to “increase” the dissolve delay and whether it would just ignore the neuron’s current setting.
But I think you should be able to try that out in a local test environment!

I hope this helps!

PS: we will start holding SNS office hours next week. If you have more questions, feel free to ask them here or bring them to the office hours!