Working on an NFT platform, have a few questions

Being a full-stack web developer that is not [yet] familiar with Internet Computer development what would be the best abstraction layer to get exposure to ICP NFTs on the marketplace level.

I’ve already pulled in some data for ICPunks and have made something pretty nice for browsing.

Is there an API I can interact with, something like Plug or Stoic wallet for the settlement layer, or do I need to pick up Motoku and Rust and build out something on the ICP backend myself? … not trying to reinvent the wheel if I don’t have to, but if it’s a pretty straightforward process for someone with Web-dev experience…


I’ve been trying to find answers for this for a while. I have asked Dfinity Discord multiple times, but no response.

We’ve built marketplace transactions into our NFT standard (EXT) - this allows anyone to develop a frontend marketplace. For example is a standalone example, utilizing the EXT marketplace API.


I believe this is the abstraction point I was looking for, thanks!