ICP’s NFT on Ledger Hardwallet

Hi fellows,

When or how can we hope a such an integration ? People are accumulating more and more NFT on ICP, and some people have their whole wealth as NFT, but can’t protect their assets as those having ICP can with ledger Hardwallet & NNS.

We are seeing more and more nefarious actors coming to ICP to launch rugs pull, so no doubt we will be sooner or later seeing the first attacks.

Since ToniqLabs are very too busy to do it, and that none other dev realized such an integration (I don’t know if @skilesare’s coming wallet will have such a ledger Hardwallet integration for NFT) could we hope some collaboration with Dfinity to make this happen the soonest possible @diegop ?

All other blockchains start with an integration of Hardwallet for NFT, or implement it since their early beginning. ICP’s NFT market will suffer of this exception, compared to others blockchains’ NFT markets.

It is possible to create an II that is only secured by a hardware wallet. I’d recommend also having a seed phrase…so you’d end up with two seed phrases.

This is certainly a huge priority. Once the Motoko wallet has been built it would make sense for the UI to support signing transactions with a ledger device. I don’t think that will happen soon though as we are still waiting on someone to take up the bounty.

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