Dfinity's own NFT Wallet

Hi everyone,

All is in the title : since Dfinity launched a wallet through the NNS for obvious reasons and notably to make people able to stake their ICP into neurons from a Dfinity Wallet without having to use a third party wallet, can we hope a NFT Wallet designed by Dfinity.

A NFT wallet, idealistically attached to the NNS, designed by Dfinity would have a great value for newcomers not knowing yet the trustable developers and wanting immediately a trustable NFT Wallet. Plus, a Ledger integration of such a wallet would be probably faster than a ledger integration claimed by any third private party.

I am also asking this, because more and more people are accumulating more and more NFT. Many people have accumulated a huge amount of wealth, through NFT, and I fear that an accident (whatever its kind) implying NFT loss would unfairly cause a very bad reputation for ICP and Dfinity. So maybe Dfinity could think about having their own wallet to prevent this, because one could say that, as Dfinity provided a secured manner to hold ICP, they would have to provide a secured manner to hold the NFT hosted on ICP, especially if NFT must have a place more and more important into the world and if NFT creators and collectors migrate to ICP to benefit of the reverse gas model.

@ielashi, @timo, @diegop, @jwiegley ?


I am not aware of any plans for this.

We’d love feedback on this. What do people think?

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There are already existing NFT wallets that were built for the community like earthwallet.io, plugwallet.ooo, or stoicwallet.com. I think Dfinity should spend any resources on supporting them, instead of competing with them.

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Instead of asking someone to create a wallet, we should pull resources together and create a “community wallet”.

Imagine everyone can own (be the sole controller of) their own wallet canister that offers a UI:

  1. Self upgrade: check if there is a new release, and upgrade automatically.
  2. Assets management: ICP, Neuron, NFTs… you name it.
  3. Service integration: NNS, OpenChat, DSocial, Notification, etc.
  4. Persistent data service: files, notes, encrypted notes, file sharing, etc.

All of these can be implemented by connecting to existing app backends, without repeating a lot of work. It is only the integration and user experience that matters.

This is the de-centralized future I’m looking forward to. Not the current situation of cloning monolithic apps from web2.


I agree with this philosophy