White screen on authorizing new laptop Win 10

I tried to authorize my laptop as another device, visited the given URL under the QR code, and the little space guy appeared for a second or so, and then the browser area went white, nothing displayed. Has anyone run into this issue?

I should mention that I’m using a lite but reputable build of Windows 10, as shown here:
windowsxlite dot com/Optimum10ProV2/

I did enable and set up the PIN in Windows, so that’s active and working, i.e. I use my PIN to log into Windows. Any suggestions? Thank you!

I received a reply privately (somehow) from “Defikay”

“If you need help regarding this issue let us know so we can direct you to our live chat support for swift response”

I presume this is a phishing attempt (please ban him), but how did he message me without it being public on the forum? I don’t see any place for private messages on this site?

The user may have sent you a direct message through a different platform or means outside of this site.

No sir, it was on here. I was going to include a screenshot, but it says I can’t embed an image in my post. Apparently, there is some way to be able to send direct messages to people within the forum.

Yes it’s a scam, there is no such thing as live chat. Flag the message and an admin will ban the scammer.

cc @Severin

Ok, now that the scammer is out of the way, does anyone know about the plain white screen issue?


Internet Identity dev here. Could you give some more information? What browser are you using?

Generally, Internet Identity is compatible with Windows (using Windows Hello to manage passkeys). I’m not sure about compatibility with customized Windows builds.

Is there an error printed to the browser console?

I made sure I was using the latest version of Chrome. I asked the maker of that Windows build if Hello was included in the feature set and he said yes. So after I installed, I was able to go to the settings in Windows, and set up the PIN successfully and Windows does ask for the PIN at sign on so I know that part is working. I didn’t actually check the console (by console, you mean the window that comes up when you press F12?) I will check that and get back to you.

Yes, exactly. Thanks for helping us debug the issue!

I haven’t had a chance to test on the laptop again, but I did install that same build of windows in a virtual machine on a machine where the internet identity is working and I’m able to sign in. Does that mean it is working on the virtual machine, because the virtual machine is still using the hardware in the actual machine?