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This is amazing. Just watched the events yt video sitting with my mouth open.

What should I do, if my users (as myself) don’t have any security device available?


A tutorial would be nice on how to use that :slight_smile:


I’ve been playing with the Cancan app locally. The app already leverage the Internet Identity auth but I’m a bit confused.
I’ve created my identity and got a user number 10XXX linked with my laptop and a Yubikey. Works fine.
I get logged in the CanCan app and register my username.
But when I open another browser, let’s say firefox and I use the same Internet Identity account to login to the app, I’m asked to register a new username instead of getting back my previously created profile.

Am I missing something ?


Most laptops and personal computers don’t have biometric readers. What is the solution to this as those security keys most people don’t own and they are rather expensive. This seems like a massive issue for adoption?


You could try with a software token like: GitHub - danstiner/rust-u2f: U2F security token emulator written in Rust

In the demo during the Genesis Event, I remember seeing Yubikey as an option but I agree that for widespread adoption a cross-platform software solution is a must-have.


New wallet address

Is it possible to register new account without ‘USB key’ ? I don’t have one and there is no other options to register.


This is a really important question. Can any of the team answer it please? Most people do not own a yubikey and most personal computers/laptops do not have biometrics. It seems like a pretty big flaw if this is the only way to access the NNS

Also if I only have one device registered (my phone with biometric reader) and I lose that device am I unable to recover the account and therefore be unable to access my wallet or any other services?


Where to get user number…and what is it exactky?

Unfortunately, you can’t log into a app running locally using identity.ic0.app. These logins (currently) only work within one “Internet Computer instance”.

There seems to be no good solution to this problem.

Alright, so I need to deploy identity locally ?

Open the link https://identity.ic0.app/
Register with Internet Identity.

Yes, that is one way. We will improve the developer experience in that respect here over time.

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Security keys are not strictly required, but it depends on whether your browser / device manufacturer is supporting WebAuthentication with device signatures. Chrome (not chromium) is the most reliable provider across platforms, but Safari also works on iOS and Mac.

Here is the user guide: How to use the Internet Identity service :: Internet Computer

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I have tried to run on Chrome, Brave, Mozilla, Opera. And i still cant choose anything except ‘USB key’. Is the other way to register?


What is your OS / device manufacturer?

Same issue here, tried with chrome on Windows 10 Asus Vivobook (has a fingerprint reader).