Which Software Development Companies Can Build on IC?

I have a requirement from a government body that would like to use blockchain technology to deliver a financial requirement for citizens. Does anyone have a list of established, reputable, experienced companies that currently build on the IC and that can be contracted for such work to develop dApps, websites, smart contacts on the IC?

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I don’t have such a list, but you can take my word for it… it’s a great platform. (I can write your client a handwritten note attesting to this if you’d like.)

I meant tech companies that can build software for other organisations. Not sure if Fleek is one of those.

Am about a season away from being able to send you a substantive reply… As part of our roadmap, we do intend to build a ‘decentralized Rolodex’ to support ComputerInternet.io (1Q22) …

ComputerInternet.io will be focused on building/marketing ‘IC centric’ products that ‘work right now’ for small businesses and consumers … initially based on interviews from several test markets…we will test out larger projects with ICserv.io (4Q22).

Happy to share notes down the road.

We also contemplate educational outreach thru AtomicEntropy.com