Some Early Good News - A Developer Grant!

We wanted to tell everyone that after months of building a case for a new consumer app for the IC we finally got approval very recently for a Developer Grant. We officially started building on June 13th.

The software we will create is geared toward end users, it will use ckBTC, and the IC in novel ways, we want to bring a whole different wave of users to the IC, especially from the Bitcoin and Cypherpunk communities that started the Blockchain revolution.

We will have demos and much more to share in about 4 months, perhaps even earlier. You will see us asking more questions than ever because of this, but also we are happy to be building in the most advanced blockchain in the world, and I mean it. I’ve tried all the major ones, and the IC remains on the top.

Thanks @domwoe and @lomesh for your support, we will do our very best, and we are working very hard to deliver.

Looking forward to sharing more good news in the near future!