Rust Developer - Looking for a Talented IC Fellow

Hello everyone, I am looking for an advanced Rust developer who knows the IC and has done at least some programming with it already.

We won a DFINITY Grant late last year, and are developing an App for Notes using the IC Blockchain. More details here:

If you are interested please DM me, we have funds allocated, and want to finish this app. The app is partially built, we now need a good amount of Rust code to finish, and a competent developer to do the job.


Exciting that you are expanding your team!

I see that you already posted on the jobs-hiring channel on the ICP Developer Communtiy Discord.

I suggest that you also post the opportunity on the Internet Computer Jobs Board.

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Good advice Jennifer, I will.

Hey im interesting in this work!
Heres my github , fell free to reach out me !

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