GitHub on the IC following the TornadoCash Incident

Good afternoon everyone. The tornado cash incident has shown egregious actions through everyones favorite code source; GitHub.

The source and repositories for Tornado Cash were immediately banned by GitHub and the owners were banned, following overreach by the U.S. Govt.

We all know microsoft is a piece of garbage, so by extension so too is GitHub. The draconian actions by GitHub in the situation raise a valid concern about the openness of code across the web.

All of this to say; Are there any dev teams working on a reimagined GitHub for the IC? Is this even feasible? Could the IC facilitate a completely open and immutable GitHub free from the fangs of the US Govt?


I was demoed a GitHub that will be deployed to the IC at some point. He reached out to me after noticing my interest on something like that being on the internet computer. The developer has been working on it for months. What I saw looked promising. But then again take that with a grain of salt because I am not a developer. I have interacted with GitHub but I have limited understanding how to read the codes and everything.

I am hoping that he or they follow through with deploying it to the internet computer.

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He should apply for a grant if he hasn’t already


Definitely. I hope that he has.