Building enterprise grade software applications on ICP

Please do not misunderstand me. I value the achievements of the DFINITY team and their contributions to the blockchain community. Ever since the ICP has been launched I spent countless hours identifying use cases for some of the groundbreaking technology that has been built, the same way I did when I discovered blockchain technology back in 2012/2013.

One of the main concerns I have as an entrepreneur and developer when it comes to the development of enterprise applications is dependency from a particular technology. That´s why most applications are build in a modular way using platform agnostic programming languages.

Developing on ICP would not only mean that I won´t be able to take my code and run it with a different platform provider, I would also depend on the goodwill of the NNS that is capable of shutting down my application at any time.

Why would I still want to build my enterprise-class software on ICP?

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Is this the same argument regarding API major groups pulling their support without consideration ? From what we understand the ICP system mitigates this as the dev systems ( API ) are immutable unless updated by consensus ?


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