What makes me nervous - NNS

What makes me nervous is that the access to NNS is inconsistent. It never works without VPN. Even with VPN it works with few locations and not with other locations. It’s not browser dependent. I am sure I am not the only one who faces these issues (a lot of veterans here may be too close to the platform and may not experience newbie issues).

I was always able to access… you don’t need vpn to access. It must be your local internet problem.

You can try with the next command (windows)

tracert nns.ic0.app

Without vpn, that’s when you realize where it’s not working


I assume you refer to the NNS dapp (not the NNS itself), but I am very surprised what you mean by requiring VPN. I do not use VPN nor most people I know. Can you please provide some context?

yes I meant DApp. For me it does not work without VPN.

This issue to me looks like an issue which gets shrouded by “it works on my machine” syndrome. As an example when I go to Internet Computer Content Validation Bootstrap, I get
Failed to fetch response: TypeError: Failed to fetch

For wider adoption of Internet Computer, these usability issues need to resolved and it works on my machine is not an answer.

This is very odd, I have never heard of this bug report (VPN only). Thank you for reporting.

Questions for clarity so we understand more:

  1. Are you in a place or location that would block the NNS dapp for any reason? Is this the case in multiple physical locations?
  2. This is the case for different machines/devices?

thanks for attending to it.

  1. I am in the bay area so nothing odd about the place.
  2. It used to work well on office machine but that also requires VPN now.

I would be more than happy to get on zoom or a call and show if that helps in reproduction of the bug. It could simply be some setting (it’s not firewall issue) which I am missing.

Oh i meant less the city (SF) more like a corporate office with overzealous IT team (e.g maybe Apple HQ), but I think you would have brought that up if that was the case.

Thank you. I will ask someone from the team to reach out. They will DM your account on the forum.

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Funny I’m a newbie and in my latter years lol.I had troubles getting on nns couldn’t work it out. It bugged me for ages. After a lot of frustration found out my router settings was blocking me.