Cant use NNS without VPN

From last few weeks, I have not been able to access sites without using VPN. I am using a mac and do not have firewall on. I get few errors like:

  • Body does not pass verification
    *Failed to fetch response: TypeError: Failed to fetch

Check your system clock…that is usually the culprit. You may need to let apple set it for you…Make sure your timezone is correct.

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The next version of NNS-dapp we will propose on mainnet will use a feature of agent-js syncTime which hopefull will solve or improve this issue (related PR #1584).

Being said, right now NNS has some issue (status) that could also explain the error message.

It seems resolved now.

system clock is good and set by apple.

this is the second error I get : Failed to fetch response: TypeError: Failed to fetch