Visibility and urgency into node provider pipeline

I often check the node count in different dashboards and am starting to get paranoid by the slow growth of this. Who knows, maybe it is just the beginning of exponential growth, but there is no visibility into this. I do believe in the described vision of IC and would also like to be a node provider, but I am waiting in the silence with my node provider request.

I have been in a queue for more than a month and have no communication. I have a partnering green-energy data center, would add the Baltics&Scandinavia to the network, and am interested in this for the long-term. But what’s the hold-up? Is building the actual server the bottleneck or something else? Would like at least visibility into the queue and timeline.

Until I see with my own personal eyes an IC node that is participating in the network I can’t be sure of the quality of the network. I would like to be a node provider and would add to the decentralization but why is there such a delay and no visibility into this?

We cannot claim to be anything serious with 200 machines. A usual global TradTech company would have more than 10k machine fleet in the cloud. I know because I work in such a company. We/ICP couldn’t even survive an NFT launch.

Thank you.

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