Node operating hardware requirements and data center requirements

Hello all, there seems to be a lot of discussions on nodes their hardware and their applications so I wanted to make a thread where we can all discuss the technical hardware requirements and some of the other pieces of tech needed (firewalls anybody?
To start here is the link to the onboarding:

Here is the link to the hardware requirements:

Here are some questions I have run into and maybe some current providers or more experienced fellows can answer this:

Is 700 mb/s adequate to with 10gs ports?
Are there p


Are there certain firewalls that should be used?**

Hi @Internationalwaters ,
Happy to share based on our experience:

  • network speed: yes, 700 mb/s would be sufficient for current IC needs, we run a 1 gb/s contract on 10 gb/s ports (lines) and barely see daily (continuous) network utilization over 10%
  • firewall: as per Gen1 spec we use the Supermicro X11SDV-4C-TP8F firewall
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I just saw this response please ignore my dm. Thank you sir.

Onboarding and future NP’s will have a different network configuration and hardware firewalls are not required.

What about Gen1? We are working on upgrades to Gen1. Gen1 NP’s will be contacted when those are ready.

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Does this mean I should not purchase gen 2 hardware? I am literally In negotiations for a box in a dc w redundant hardware. Tell me now before I spend buku money on this.

No – there should be nothing stopping you from purchasing servers meeting the Gen2 spec and switch(es).

We don’t recommend purchasing a hardware firewall. It is not needed.

@roald-av8 I have plans to become a node provider in southeast Asia. The only problem with Asian countries is the high cost of public dedicated internet. Even in colocation data centers with Tier 3 certification. In any of the requirements, you guys have not mentioned the public internet speed. Would a lease dedicated 100Mbps per node be enough?