Alright, what's the update on nodes?

I remember hearing there were plans to reduce the friction in the node application process – has anything been done around this? Is there still a large backup around node onboarding?

In alignment with Dom’s statement about literally building the network to survive a nuclear war, it’d be a very very good thing if the Internet Computer had a sizable contingent of nodes that were outside the vicinity of impending global military conflicts (eg. in various South American countries and outside of Europe / USA / UK / Australia).


Good question. I suggest following the main thread on nodes.

Here is a recent update (and follow up questions): The State and Direction of Decentralization & Nodes on the Internet Computer - #68 by Luis

(It’s better for Luis update than me to summarize poorly)


An output of this is the onboarding doc for nodes: Node Provider Onboarding - Internet Computer Wiki


Great, thank you.

I’m now convinced that DFINITY has secretly developed some kind of quantum teleportation technology that has started allowing you to be responsive across so many different places seemingly at once, by the way.


I did not answer your question @808mafia because I do not know about any of that stuff, I work in R&D. I only answer questions I can be helpful in.

But more to the point, while I do not want to cross into “ad hominem” territory (as you have done to me and others), I am starting to question (based entirely off all your communications) whether you have the good of the IC community in mind or are data snooping for drama.

I would hope my own record of working to improve IC and ecosystem speaks for itself.

Your attacks and comments make me doubt you have people’s best interest at heart.