Video Short Suggestions!

Hey, this is Kai from the SDK team. I’m interested in trying out some short-form informational videos. What are some basic ICP questions that could reasonably be answered in a minute or so? For example, “How do I get a non-anonymous identity?”, “What are threshold signatures?”, “What is Candid?”, or “Should I use Motoko or Rust?”

Let me know if this sounds worthwhile? Ideally I’d like to have a catalog of quick answers for common questions that people can share to newbies


It’s good to have a 10-15 of these ready in one go rather than releasing one by one

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A few things I struggled with initially was how to go from principal to subaccount, and how to write candid.

A few other thoughts:

  • Video explaining the differences between query, composite query, and update calls
  • Video explaining the differences between all the ICRC-x (pro/con/why/when to use)
  • Quick video explaining how to interact with a ICRC-x ledger (if there are nuances/best practices vs. other ledgers)
  • Video explaining IC terminology (principal, canister) by comparing it to EVM based/other blockchains (i.e. I’ve worked on blockchain X, but what is the IC equivalent of that if there is one and/or do I need to rework my mental model for blockchain development).

:+1: for this and all of the “crypto-y” features that might be foreign to cloud developers

Slightly differing opinion but I believe if you are going to invest in producing video content, Dfinity should continue building these:

Academy Talks

They have a much longer shelf life and are information dense that if revisited a couple of times really cements a lot of the fundamental concepts required to understand how the IC works.

You can offload the introductory content production to community members who create content and support them.

The deep technical content can only come from Dfinity whereas the simpler content can be produced by the community, but not vice-versa.

Just my 2 cents


Definitely agree we should add more of those! Shorts aren’t really a huge investment for me - I mostly wanted to start doing them as something productive and left-brain I can do when I’m stuck on an engineering problem

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