"Plug & Play" on-chain video storage package

Hi all,

a couple of months back, Alwin and I applied for a 5k grant because we felt there was a lack of a really simple on-chain storage solution for videos that DFINITY devs could use without diving too much into the storage topic.

After the Supernova Hackathon is now over and we (as a community) hopefully attracted a lot of new devs for this ecosystem, I think it is a good time to share our results and maybe kickstart the development experience of some new users here.

The result of our grant is this NPM package:

The interaction with the package is simple:

  1. You instantiate an storage objecet
  2. You call the upload function with a couple of parameters about the video, its owner, the cycles wallet id and the amount of cycles
  3. The package & canisters handle the rest → a new canister will be created that is owned by the function caller and stores the video that is accessible via API call

Our goal for this project was to keep everything as simple as possible, so if you use our project for anything and have trouble with the documentation or anything message me anytime and I will make sure to help you out and update the documentation so it will be easier for the next dev :slight_smile:.

Also, if you are interested in more sophisticated storage concepts using the asset canister interface feel free to check out our Conshax supernova submission that made it to the finals in the SocialFi track.

As soon as I find some time in the next days, I will also post some storage cost statistics here that we gathered during testing!