General guidelines or best practices about using forum in a presentation about ICP

So just a quick question to everybody here : been watching stuff in forum for a while now, I will be doing a presentation in a few hours about ICP and gonna address some issues that came up and were handled here. So the question is do you have any guidelines to follow regarding this or any so called best practices like blurring out user names ? Thank you so much, the recording link will be posted after being uploaded to Youtube.


I do not know of any guidelines. I’d say use your best judgement, defaulting to blurring people’s names or giving them pseudonyms. I personally like to follow the rule of thumb “Praise in public, criticise in private”, which I think applies pretty well to this situation.


Sounds pretty reasonable, thank you for answering. The main idea I had coming from other projects was to show new users that they can ask specific questions on both the forum and discord and get real time valuable answers regarding IC as for many of the other ( let’s say in low man terms ) complicated blockchain projects, there were some basic knowledge requirements just to be able to ask anything, somewhat in the Arch Linux type of community where many would just reply RTFM. Anyway it did not get to any of this not even code demo since I was not expecting the Host of the event to be so anti “anyting other then ETH + layer2 bullshit brigde solutions just because airdrops and such, but I digress” and the tokenomics part got me nailed to the wall since I was not prepared on a tech demo that has nothing to do with investing, but that part I will be talking about in private since it has nothing to do with my presentation about current state of IC and demo the easy way to write code using Motoko and deploying and using it for many web2 front end developers looking to try web3.