User authent on the IC

Hi everyone,
Pretty excited since the Tungsten event to build on the IC.
I’ve seen that a public/private key pairs are generated in the browser’s localstorage.
Is there a built in way to store or export those keys to be able to login in an app on different devices ?


Hi @anthonymq

Currently there is no built in way to do this and moreover the entire concept of “automatically generated keypair stored in localstorage” is done as a POC of principals in the IC right now (as I understand).
What you can do right now is to copy the keypair from localstorage and export it yourself. Or, if you want, you could even replace the localstorage content with your own keypair (generated from some mnemonic seed for convenience) - it should work just fine.

Probably one day there will be some browser extension like Metamask that would hold the IC keypair for you.


Would be great to have an app that could be used to scan a QR code on your computer to log a user in or apply to same device login by clicking link directing to app. Digibyte has app that does this for example. That way users can easily and securely login everywhere. If there was a Dfinity version of that that would be great. Or I suppose could even do on a like ledger or something too but app seams most practical. Or old fashion username and password but thats the wrong direction to what were going for I think


Also its a wallet on Digibyte which would be ideal for Dfinity too. And since Dfinity has the complete package I choose it! And perhaps Dfinity sets up a ui where you can see your profile and your previous sign ins and token balance and maybe other stuff. Notification settings…possibilities endless. Sort of like Brave. Pay for ads or for you canister costs (I’m assuming thats how it works like I have to pay for memory and usage in aws). Im going off on a tangent now but I wonder if it would be ideal to have websites be able to add fields to a universal user type rather than each website create a bunch of not necessarily connected type user for their own app. Also would be easy for users to query all the apps that have data related to them. Maybe that’s not practical and getting way off topic but just crossed my mind


The QR functionality has already been implemented in a canister by @enzo

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Thanks guys, let me know if you start building around authentication :wink: