Alternate User Authentication method in Canister

Anyone working on alternate (other than IC’s Internet Identity) methods of user authentication to be deployed in canister, such as email-based or sms-based… any experiences to share?

Ya is anyone working on a way to access the portal and NNS on a browser without biometric or hardware key?

As far as I know, recently there was an update. Now you can manage your seed phrase by yourself (like on ethereum), without having to rely on any hardware solution.

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It’s also possible to use Ed25519 keypair to gen a self-authenticating principal in browser. The trick involves this lib:

import { Ed25519KeyIdentity } from '@dfinity/identity'

This is also the principal scheme used by dfx tool.


yes. working on it. With Metamask/wallectconnect as well


nice… are you also looking to have an Auth Oracle that would solve for Auth by connecting to sign-in options such as Google, Facebook, etc that have traditionally been used by developers?

I just tried using the recovery phrase to login via my laptop and it didn’t work =[
I tried on 3 different browsers =[

But hopefully one of the options below will work!

Oh wow, thank you so much!

I’m fairly new to coding–I’m only fluent at using R for statistics–so I’ll have to look into figuring out this option.

Found this site, which might be of help!

Thank you again!

@neeboo Oh that would be brilliant! I’ll keep an eye out for that!!

@ICVF that would be helpful too actually! I just dont have a smart key so anything that works would be great