Internet Identity Open Source

Presenting -

After the hard work of our team, the Internet Identity project is available to inspect at GitHub - dfinity/internet-identity: Internet Identity Service (backend, UI, and example app)!

We also have a javascript package to integrate your app with the Internet Identity, @dfinity/auth-client - npm, and I’ve built a sample app to demonstrate how to integrate with it at GitHub - krpeacock/auth-client-demo.

Feel free to ask questions - we’re fully ready to discuss now!


Hey there! These are amazing news. What should I do, if I don’t have a hardware security device?

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So the only way to register an IC identity is with a security token like Yubikey?

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I was able to register and login on my phone, but laptop is asking for the security key USB, was hoping my fingerprint reader would bypass that, unfortunately not. My colleague was able to login without one on his mac though.

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That means if you created an identity on mobile it can’t be used on desktop since you can’t replicate the biometric data, right?

I have a fingerprint scanner on my laptop but I guess it can’t be used with 3rd party tools

So, support for WebAuthn without a security device is still somewhat limited by browser and platform support.

For now, we recommend latest Chrome for desktop, Safari for iOS, and Chrome for Android mobile.

You CAN link a mobile identity to your desktop. Try following this link on your desktop, and either copying the link to your phone, or scanning the QR code

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Please add Firefox to mobile as well, I avoid Google Chrome as much as possible.

Tried that, even there I’m prompted for the security key USB. Haven’t seen a QR code option at all.

Firefox is my preferred browser too! I verified it works on the latest iOS release, but not on Android yet.

@Rakesh.MindInc You’ll have to authenticate with Webauthn prior to the linking, so that we have the information to pass to the already authenticated browser. You’ll either need a security key, or one of the hardware-signature compatible browsers. If there’s an issue with one of the browsers I listed above, please create an issue at Issues · dfinity/internet-identity · GitHub

I guess I’ll be waiting for it to work with Firefox on Android, in that case. :grimacing:

Here’s the support chart, for what it’s worth. We can only go as far as the browsers themselves have chosen to implement Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

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Same. Works on phone but on Chrome desktop (latest Windows build) it it only prompts for a security key USB.

It’s a bit of a barrier for people like me who can’t program. When and How can it be as easy to use as metamask?Please Give a detailed tutorial

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Official Internet Identity user documentation: How to use the Internet Identity service :: Internet Computer


So this is based on webauthn, and that itself is a standard but the interfaces to interact with it (your browser’s webauthn UX) is not, to my knowledge. Ideally, your device has a secure enclave chip of some sort that can act as a security key but I believe this can be fulfilled in software. Anyways I’m off topic. The overall flow of webauthn should be a similar, if not easier, experience than using metamask. Your browser (if it supports webauthn) should ask you if you want to give said site access to your webauthn keys/identity, you can agree or decline. If you agree, you’ll be logged in, and logging in or performing other auth actions should be as simple as signing a transaction in metamask. If you can’t program but want to make an app with the identity service, then I’d suggest learning some programming skills/concepts.


Thank your kind help very much!

I registered last Friday at

now I see site url has changed. At this new url, when I type in my User Number, it doesn’t give me the option or biometric. why isn’t biometric option available?

I’m using chrome on android 11

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Sorry, you were too clever during the Genesis event. The messaging url was from a test network that we were developing on while we worked to bring the mainnet up. The real service lives at, and we’ll shut down the messaging one now that it’s served its purpose


It’s a little hard to understand and practice for me, but it’s especially worth looking forward to!
Thank you very much for your patient and detailed explanation!

bummer. the User Number matched my birthdate.