Is there any general USP for the users?

I was wondering what the USP is for the users.
You could build for example an Instagram clone but nobody would use it if there is no USP.

DFINITY needs innovations not clones, right?

Yea, but imagine Instagram, but every photo is NFT.
Or imagine Github, but every repository is DAO.

Innovation needs an environment to evolve. The IC could give us such an environment.


Another thought - The IC is essentially transparent to the user. I could build an app that still uses a username / password to login. However, my app is “open” by default. So, maybe 10 other developers build extensions on my app that make it even better. Now, my app has customizations for specific user groups.

Consider the following - I build FB on the IC. Users flock to groups (like they’ve done today), but I don’t either have the resources or care enough to create decent moderation / automation tools for these groups (a very real issue today). With the way canisters work, someone could easily come and create these tools.