Urgent: Assistance Required - Lost Passkey for Internet Identity (Node provider -Origin Game)

Dear ICP Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to seek your assistance regarding a crucial issue I am currently facing.

Due to a recent browser update of Chrome, Internet Identity ‘passkeys’ were inadvertently cleared, and unfortunately, I did not make a backup. This has left me unable to access the NNS system at https://nns.ic0.app/

As part of our operations, we have nodes in Hong Kong (hktt4, 7nodes from origingames), and we are in the process of applying for nodes in South Korea (estimated in 10 nodes machines). However, the inability to access the NNS system is causing significant disruption. I am reaching out to inquire if there is a solution or any assistance you can provide to help me regain access.

I can provide proof of ownership through various means, including the Internet Identity associated with the account, the hardware wallet used for interactions with NNS, the node_operator_private_key.pem file, and evidence of ownership for the nodes currently operational online.

I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and any guidance or support you can provide to help me resolve this issue swiftly.

Thank you for your understanding and assistance.

Best regards,

OriginGames team


May I ask what method you used to register Internet Identity?
From your first registration to your last use did you ever add another Passkeys?
What Passkey did you use the last time you used Internet Identity?
Do (you or anyone else) perform any related operations on (“Recovery Methods” and “Passkeys”)? Even if it’s only once
After you discovered this issue, have you or anyone else taken any relevant actions?
Did you or others miss (anything important) or (seemingly unimportant but actually important)?

This may help to solve the problem.

Certainly, I’m happy to:

Method of Internet Identity Registration: We utilized Chrome on Mac for the initial registration of Internet Identity. However, after an auto-update, all automatically generated passkeys were lost. Unfortunately, Chrome did not have any accounts logged in at that moment, resulting in the loss of the passkey.

Addition of Passkeys: We did not add any other passkeys after the initial registration. The passkey used was always the original one generated during registration, and Chrome auto-filled it.

Operations on “Recovery Methods” and “Passkeys” / Relevant Actions Taken After Discovery: To avoid potential mistakes due to the lack of backup and recovery phrase, we refrained from making any further operational changes. Upon discovering the lost connection with the NNS system, we verified the status of all hardware, which fortunately remains under our control. We have explored various avenues, including data review and seeking assistance from Google. Unfortunately, these actions have not led to the recovery of the passkey.

Missed or Overlooked Details: In our efforts, we have diligently reviewed all available data and sought assistance from Google. However, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to identify any overlooked or missed details.

Proof of Identity for OriginGame: We can provide evidence of the NNS-connected cold wallet, NNS system-related ID, the cold wallet used for interactions with the NNS system, node_operator_private_key.pem documents, and evidence of ownership for all currently operational node machines under the name of OriginGame.

I hope this response addresses your queries comprehensively.

Best regards,

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I just registered the “2302764 narrow defy velvet type glare swallow nasty uncle curious inflict diamond focus liquid glance world lens will exotic climb night vast shell foster gossip” using WINDOWS for test

Can you remember your Internet Identity anchor like 2302764?

I am not a person from DFINITY or someone that is professional in the Internet Identity major
Please do not take any actions on the Internet Identity and Internet Identity devices you have registered and used Before contacting or advising you by someone from DFINITY

I am not familiar with the security mechanisms and MORE related to MAC and Internet Identity, and I think DFINITY people(maybe @diegop @zire …can tad right person, sorry to bother you, thank you) may be able to help you

Assuming you followed the wiki and used ledger wallet. you can easily attach it to a new identity to access it.

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We wish to clarify that we still retain our registered ‘username’ (Refers to Internet Identity ID). However, the challenge we are currently facing pertains to the loss of our ‘Passkey’, and regrettably, we did not set up a ‘Recovery Phrase’. Had this been the case, we would not have needed to seek external assistance.

Your understanding and support in resolving this matter are highly valued. If there are additional details or steps required, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are committed to cooperating fully to recover our connection to NNS and restore normalcy to our operations.

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Thanks for pinging me. I am passing this along to folks know know more than me.


As previously mentioned, we would like to reiterate that we maintain full control over our OriginGame Node provider cold wallet and the currently operational node machines.

To provide tangible evidence of this control, we will initiate a transfer of 3,000 ICP within the next hour (Since this post published), serving as confirmation of our assertions.

And we will publish the proposal of switch Internet Identity of OriginGame in next coming days.

Your understanding and cooperation are highly appreciated.

May you please take a look am I doing right. Thank you sir!

Do you hold your NNS’ICP with a Ledger Hardwallet attached to your “lost” Internet identity ?

If yes, as you have been told, just create another Internet Identity and attach your Hardware Wallet to your brand new Internet identity.

Then you will “recover” all your ICP.


@origingame how did you onboard you existing nodes? How closely did you follow Node Provider Onboarding - Internet Computer Wiki ?

If you precisely followed the steps in the wiki guide, then all your ICPs are still on the Ledger Hardware Wallet, and @Roman 's instructions are correct.

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Certainly, we still have control over this Hardwallet. The post above has demonstrated this, as the ICP team can verify the transfer of 3000 ICP from the wallet address of our previous provider. Currently, we are preparing a proposal to change the provider and register a new NNS.

Thank you for your advise.

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So just creating a new identity in the NNS UI and reconnecting the hardware wallet etc, could be all you need. The NNS UI is just a convenience, all funds and the NODE_PROVIDER_PRINCIPAL are in the hardware wallet. So once you reconnect it, it should “just work”.


Have a similar issue
Hey Guys Hello Everyone ( This is kinda a dual topic with ledger and changing of my phone so sorry in advance)
So im having an issue login into my account , and starting to freak out i may have lost it.
About a month ago i changed my phone

Now i did a hard transfer from phone to phone, and I swear i was able to connect my new phone to my existing account, but lets say this never happened.( Part about accessing existing account in new phone)

I still have my existing identity number

When Logging in from my new phone, which is an android, I set up a Samsung pass because i wanted a fingerprint entry to my phone, and thought this would work with my ICP as well.

when logging in, i get the 2 following errors ( i also tried setting up using the existing identity with new device, reason for both Reponses from my phone)
( no passkey available)
((Device couldn’t connect)

Now when previously accessed i had this linked with my ledger account, not sure if it can be accessed this way, but all of my tokens were being staked and i really hope this isn’t an issue due to the staking.

I always accessed this via my laptop but had to use my phone as the Passkey ( i believe this is the terminology) Via Brave Browser
I also never never set up a 24 word phrase because i never knew this was an option or saw this option.

Sorry for log paragraph just need help accessing as of course, ICP explodes when i cannot access.
Also let me know if this was in another Forum

Also just received this customer service website

Looks like a scam to me

Admin edit by @Severin: partially obscured the URL so that people don’t click on it and to not proved PageRank-like boost.

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Can confirm the above ‘customer service website’ is a scam. The real DFINITY support website is https://identitysupport.dfinity.org/

If you had it linked to a ledger, just link the ledger to a new internet identity. Everything that was on your ledger will be there. This is one of the nice things about using a ledger as a hardware wallet within the NNS app, it is not completely reliant on the specific Internet identity

So for a follow up, the issue here is that the tokens were being staked till about april.

If im staking , does that means its in the ledger or no. I also tried creating a new id and linked it with the ledger, i didnt really see anything , i didnt really see anything being staked but i know they were locked up for quite some time

Stupidly i gave my Id number , and the wallet address to send icp, ( not my ledger address) . Will thie pose an issue in any way?

Are you looking under the “neurons” tab , ? and are you sure you created the neuron that is staking the ICP from your “ledger” wallet account and not your main NNS wallet? If it was created from the ledger wallet, then yes, those neurons should transfer with the ledger and not with the internet Identity. (disclaimer I do not work for Dfinity so at the end of the day you may want to just contact support directly as this is a developer forum and generally not used for support issues)

I’m sure it was created from ledger… I had everything on my ledger and started staking from my ledger.

I’ll look later today. And you said look in your neurons correct. Possible you can send a screen shot so I can make sure I’m in the correct area