Internet identity lost

hi, I need your help. my situation is

  • I received my ICPs on ledger hw
  • I staked ICPs using the ledger + Fido U2 app (creating an Internet identity with Fido U2, about a year ago).
  • yesterday I tried to log in, but my Internet identity number is no longer saved in chrome browser, however I still have the ICP app and FidoU2 app installed on Ledger. How can I access my staked ICPs? can I simply create a new Internet identity number with my ICP and Fido U2 apps installed on my ledger? Thank you so much for your support and suggestions, I am very worried that I will no longer be able to access my funds

Yes if you have your ICP stored on your ledger device, you can just create a new internet identity, connect your ledger device, and then you will be able to control the neurons on your ledger using the new internet identity.

If you lost the anchor id, and want to regain access to the anchor id, there is also a way to do that. The first word of the internet identity recovery phrase always corresponds to your anchor ID. ie, the recovery phrase should begin with the anchor id. The first word of the recovery phrase is your anchor id number. If you have your recovery phrase saved, you should be able to also locate the anchor id.

If you don’t have your recovery phrase you can obtain the Anchor id using the following method:

The IC dashboard has a chart that shows Internet Identity Anchors growth over time, which you can use to determine the anchors created during a specific time window.

Go to the home page

Click the :mag: icon next to the Internet Identity Anchors sparkline chart to expand it to a large chart.

Click the 1Y button under the chart to set the date range to one year.

Use the sliders under the chart to zoom the chart in to the dates you’re interested in.

Hover over the chart to see the total count of anchors at that time.

Add 10,000 to the number of anchors to get the anchor number (anchor numbers started at 10000).

Doing this, you can narrow the number of anchors created on the date you created your anchor id to a few hundred.

Then you can try logging in with each anchor id sequentially until you find our anchor id.


I solved it by creating a new internet identity number. I tried to recover the old one, but the range of attempts is too large (may have been created in a range of 15 days)

Thank you very much for helping!

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