Upcoming Mora DAO SNS Decentralization Sale

Hello everyone,

In order to better promote the development of the Mora protocol and the Mora platform, we are actively preparing to launch Mora Dao on SNS.

What is Mora?

Mora Protocol: Enables the creation of peer-to-peer decentralized content platforms. For instance, it can be utilized to construct decentralized versions of Medium, YouTube, and Twitter.

Mora Platform: This is a demonstration platform entirely built upon the Mora Protocol. It showcases the capabilities and benefits of fully relying on the Mora Protocol. Try Mora here.

Light Plugin System: This is an open, no-programming-required software system developed entirely on the Internet Computer (IC). Light is designed as a peer-to-peer software system that can embed into any web page or content, allowing it to interact with IC smart contracts. Try Light here.

Key features of the Mora Protocol include:

  • A complete technical stack: The Mora Protocol’s comprehensive technical stack allows us to create fully decentralized products while providing a user experience almost identical to traditional Web2.
  • Decentralized content management: The Mora Protocol uses peer-to-peer transmission, granting users autonomy to manage their content across the entire internet. No longer constrained by centralized platform limitations, users can freely manage and share their content.
  • User rights protection: Through peer-to-peer data transmission, the Mora Protocol ensures users unprecedented control over their data. User data privacy and rights are effectively safeguarded. Here, data represents not only content and text but also includes user relationships, financial data, and everything that belongs to the user.
  • Through the openness and peer-to-peer characteristics of the Mora Protocol, we enhance network efficiency and stability. There is no longer a need to redundantly distribute the same content across different platforms; instead, platforms retrieve content from the protocol. This helps reduce the chaos and redundancy of content in traditional Web2, optimizing the overall order of the internet.
  • Empowering users: The Mora Protocol redefines the relationship between platforms and users, placing users in control of their data and content. Users are no longer constrained by platforms.

Brief of Mora DAO SNS Parameters

Brief of Mora DAO Tokenomics

See more details in our whitepaper , and welcome to follow us on X .


SNS init file : SNS_init.yaml


Mora and light are innovative web3 projects. I support mora’s sns sale.


I have used Light, an imaginative and easy-to-use tool. I am looking forward to seeing more features. I wish the Mora team success.


Finally see the emergence of project with real innovative value! mora is the best product I have ever used in IC.I hope sns can help it develop better


在ic里面非常好的应用,发展潜力巨大,Mora to the moon!

Yes! mora is one of my favorite projects and I often post articles on it hoping mora will be successful

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You have been building for more than two years, and finally waited until you sns

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mora I think it is a very good program and I hope the SNS will be successful. I will be involved in buying some as well.

Mora is a very good program, but with so little ICP raised, will it be bought out by a few people? I feel that the max fundraising should be increased a bit, and it would be better to limit the max purchase amount per account.

Peter and his team have been working on IC for over 2 years, their works like Dstar and Mora/Light are top-tier and well-utilized features of IC. Good luck to the SNS sale!

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Love the platform! Will the SNS sale be available for US participation?


I like Mora, good luck to the SNS sale!

There are no country sales restrictions, thank you!


Thank you for your question. We will consider everyone’s feedback and make adjustments in the coming time.

Hi, I am wondering if the treasury of mora sns tokens will be staked and able to vote on proposals?

We cannot use it for voting.

So the treasury tokens will not gain apy and or used to sway votes?

Is there a system in place preventing these tokens from ever being staked?

These tokens will be collectively owned by all token holders, with their usage rights, including distribution and voting, determined by the collective will and voting results. The Foundation strictly regulates this process. We recommend referring to the detailed guidelines for further information.

I am a little new to understanding SNS sales. Could you point me to the page for the guidelines so I may review them?

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