Upcoming ICLighthouse DAO(ICDex) Launch SNS

Hello everyone,

We are preparing for the upcoming launch of the ICLighthouse DAO (ICDex) on the SNS. This marks a significant advancement in our endeavors at ICLighthouse.

ICLighthouse DAO

Initiated on the Internet Computer SNS system, the ICLighthouse DAO is a community-driven governance model overseeing ICDex and icRouter. Our goal is to create a leading DeFi framework and a dynamic ecosystem on the IC blockchain, merging traditional financial principles with blockchain innovation.


As a key component of the ICLighthouse DAO, ICDex is a decentralized, fully on-chain order book DEX built on the IC blockchain. Its development is community-driven, guided by governance through the ICLighthouse DAO SNS.

This launch not only enhances ICL’s utility but also empowers our users to influence the direction of our company and platforms. Your input will shape the future of our updates and projects.

For more details, please see our whitepaper: ICLighthouse Whitepaper.

We’re here for any questions and will keep you updated on future developments.


Dear IC lighthouse,

many thanks for the heads-up on your planned SNS launch!

You are probably aware, but just in case: On this wiki page you can find information and the SNS tokenomics analyzer tool for assessing SNS configurations (e.g. with respect to the distribution of voting power).


I have some old ICL, what will it look like when the new ICL launchpades


For a long time, I wanted to buy NFT, which has 1200 ICL rights, from the yummi platform. However, my registration with personal information on the yummi platform was not successful. Even though they said they sent me an e-mail, I was not receiving any e-mail. Because of these ridiculous systems, the trading capacity of the platform decreases. But they don’t care. Finally we will have a chance to buy icl tokens from the icdex platform

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But to make things clear: can you guys explain the softcap and hardcap for the SNS sale as well?
Went into the whitepaper but did not find this info.

source code repository?


Quick question - has the dApp been audited? If not, when do you plan to conduct an audit?


Listing a few more questions here -

Seed round (7%): In 2023, the team completed a seed round of financing targeted at specific entities.- Who is the entity?
Is this an Opensource project?
When do you plan to release the audit report?


They don’t need audit, Its an insider project. All codes are safe and secured .

what will be the developement after the SNS ?

What changes are planned to compete to the likes of uniswap , quick swap , or many other when they enter into ICP ecosystem ?

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We (Solidstate) are currently in the process of auditing ICDex, so there will be a full formal audit completed!


Not any information about the team?

We opened the source code a few months ago.



Good to hear that. Excited for the SNS


It doesn’t seem the frontend is open-sourced though?

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It will also be open source soon.

To promote decentralization, we encourage users to deploy their own front-ends.


non kyc required here https://yuku.app/

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How can I exchange ICL dip20 to ICL ICRC1 in 1:1 ratio?

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Currently circulating ICLs will be converted 1:1 within one quarter of the successful launch of the SNS.


Hi @simpson,

great to see IC Lighthouse taking the route towards an SNS. I’ve been finally reading your whitepaper. I like the idea of the DAO Board that can execute selected administrative functions on time. Did you take some other project (from another ecosystem) as a role model for this?

Can you already share the (link to) sns_init.yaml to be able to check your parameters with the SNS Tokenomics Analyzer tool?