Upcoming Querio SNS decentralization sale

Preparations are underway for the launch of Querio’s SNS DAO, with the decentralization sale set to begin soon.

Querio stands as the first Web3 search engine that enables seamless discovery of dApps across multiple blockchains. The list of supported blockchains is continuously growing, currently highlighting Internet Computer, Ethereum, Stellar, NEAR Protocol, and BNB Chain.

Built on the Internet Computer, the search engine and front-end are running on-chain, providing robust data security and integrity.

At the heart of Querio’s vision is the creation of a decentralized search engine that facilitates easy navigation within the Web3 ecosystem. Our roadmap details ambitious plans to further achieve this vision.

For a better understanding of Querio’s approach, including the QRO token’s utility, allocation, treasury, tokenomics and roadmap, reviewing the proposal summay, whitepaper and press release is highly recommended, as they could provide answers to many potential questions.

Please note that our whitepaper may be subject to minor revisions depending on the number of QRO tokens sold during our current presale.


I have not tried Querio in a while and was excited.

Today I did this: searched ‘dfinity’ in querio.io. The top result is ‘taste it’ :man_shrugging:.

  1. Also where is the code?
    SNS need to be open-sourced so we can check that it does what you say it does.


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Thank you for trying out Querio!

We’re actively refining our search algorithms, and once the ‘Sort by popularity, newest, and recently updated’ feature will be released, you can expect significantly enhanced ranking.

As for the open-source aspect, we’re committed to transparency. The Querio frontend, ICP bot (crawler), and the search engine code will be made publicly available on GitHub soon, as outlined in our proposal summary.

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What differentiates you from Kinic?

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The differences are also part of the Querio whitepaper:

  • Multi-Blockchain Support: Starting with Internet Computer, Ethereum, Stellar, NEAR Protocol and BNB Chain, Querio offers the flexibility to explore decentralized applications across a diverse range of blockchain networks.
  • Multi-Word Searches: Allows users to enter multiple words for more precise and relevant results.
  • User-Friendly Design: With dApp logos alongside results, autocomplete suggestions and summarized content snippets.
  • Transparency: Displays the number of search results returned and the duration of each search.
  • Accessibility: Adapts the presentation of search results to fit the device in use, employing pagination for clarity on laptops and desktops, while offering a continuous scroll on mobile devices and tablets for uninterrupted browsing.
  • Smart Ranking Algorithm: The search engine leverages a proprietary ranking algorithm optimized to surface the most relevant results, improving the overall search experience.
  • Extensive Search Coverage: Delivers an extensive number of search results at near-instantaneous speeds, making it easy to witness its efficiency

Here you can observe the search results returned by Querio when searching for dApps built on ICP.

Here you can observe the speed at which Querio operates.

Here’s one of the many X posts.


I can add to this list: querio is WAY faster and has less bugs, at least from my experience

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  • Can you explain what is unique about your tech stack or your solution? I see you index other blockchain apps but why is this better than me using google?
  • What makes this project worth funding?
  • Who are the founders and what about them makes them suited to lead a project like this?
  • I see you also have a presale going on and have raised 38K ICP so far. Why is that not enough to validate your idea?

Nice. We need a decentralised form of Google

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Are you guys on presale?

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I am excited that 2% of querio total supply is coming for the community as airdrop. How will the community get positioned in order to benefit… Do you have any criteria or icp social platform etc

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  • Can you explain what is unique about your tech stack or your solution? I see you index other blockchain apps but why is this better than me using google?

Sure, I can explain without repeating what is already outlined in our whitepaper.

Web2 search engines dominate the data landscape often lacking transparency.
Querio on the other hand is a decentralized search engine that operates on-chain and will soon be open-source. You can validate how its ranking algorithm functions, ensuring results aren’t influenced by a company’s policies.

Plus, transparency and user-privacy are of utmost importance to us. Unlike big corporations that capture user data for targeted ads, we don’t store any user data or search preferences. Is more about giving control to the people than following the agenda of a few stakeholders.

Another difference is that Querio is focused on Web3. On Querio you can discover new dApps and also choose to search dApps on a specific blockchain ecosystem. You cannot do that with any other search engine.

  • What makes this project worth funding?

With the features we’re going to implement, we have a robust plan that lays the foundation for a business ready to become a decentralized alternative to established tech search giants. These are:

  • Querio Drive to easily store data, leveraging the Internet Computer’s infrastructure. This will be a paid service, providing a secure and efficient method for storing and sharing data through Internet Identity.
  • Promoting dApps to promote dApps that closely match the queried keywords. Marked as “Featured,” these promoted dApps gain will appear prominently among the top search results, for a fee.
  • Featured dApps auction to secure a spot in the featured dApps section on the home page. Users can bid for prominent placement in the featured dApps area, thereby gaining enhanced visibility for their chosen dApps through this paid feature.
  • Web3 AI and Code AI to answer dApps and Web3 code-related questions. These AI-powered services will be accessible through a paid subscription model.
  • Querio Shopping to buy and sell NFTs. This enables seamless and secure transactions, facilitating the vibrant marketplace for digital collectibles and unique assets. Our revenue model will be based on transaction fees.

And please note that we know what we’re doing, have the experience to back it up, understand the pressure, and recognize that our investors and community have high expectations, which we are committed to meeting to the best of our ability.

  • Who are the founders and what about them makes them suited to lead a project like this?

Me and George are the founders, both have 16+ years of software development experience in Romania and the Netherlands, in small and big companies.

We began our blockchain journey in 2017 while working at ConsenSys and subsequently established CrossChain Labs. Along the way, together with Catalin and Cristina, started collaborating with prominent partners such as NEAR Protocols, Stellar, Dfinity, Fantom Foundation, Polkadot and Filecoin.

Here you can find more details about ourselves, and by clicking on 'Profile’, you can view our LinkedIn profiles.

  • I see you also have a presale going on and have raised 38K ICP so far. Why is that not enough to validate your idea?

We want to dedicate ourselves to developing Querio as a long-term project with substantial scope, rather than a short-term project dependent on continuous fundraising. Securing sufficient funds now would allow us to focus fully on enhancing Querio’s capabilities.

We started this project with personal investments fueled by our passion and vision. However, substantial, sustained development to achieve our long-term goals for Querio need a more significant financial foundation.


Are you guys on presale?

Yes, our presale is currently open and will end on Monday. We’ve implemented several rules and limitations to ensure the integrity of the process, which may have been a bit overwhelming to investors. Howerver, having 116 participants trust us is a significant achievement that we’re proud of.

We’re thankful to our remarkable community for their support!

I am excited that 2% of querio total supply is coming for the community as airdrop. How will the community get positioned in order to benefit… Do you have any criteria or icp social platform etc

Thank you! The 2% will be airdropped to our early supporters and Funded NFT holders as mentioned in our proposal summary.

Thank you for your full on explanation. I will invest through your SNS dao sale when it starts.

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I am still very confused about this. IN your white paper it never says a date for when people can review your code.

Developers need to be able to review the SNS code. What specific date do you plan on letting people start this?

I will not invest, and I do not think anyone should invest, until the code is has had time to be reviewed.

*EDIT: also your pre-sale, where is the code for that? Are people just blindly trusting it does what you say it does?

Thank you for bringing up your concerns.

The whitepaper doesn’t mention a specific date since it’s not a usual requirement, but for clarity, we are targeting the end of next week to open source our code.

Querio frontend, search engine, ICP bot (crawler), scraper and content miner components will be made publicly available on GitHub.

Regarding the presale, its canisters operates independently and will not be part of the SNS.

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Good to hear, please keep us updated when source code has become available.

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Hi @andreea,

I just wanted to make you aware, that the activation of matched funding is currently up for vote: NNS Updates: Nov 10, 2023 (Matched Funding for SNS Swaps, Stable Memory Migration for NNS Neurons)

This changes the mechanics of how the Neuron Fund will participate if a project requests participation from the Neuron Fund. You can read more about it here: Suggested enhancements to the Community fund - #7 by bjoernek.


Hi @domwoe,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We appreciate the latest developments in the Neurons’ Fund participation mechanism and will align the Querio SNS configuration with these enhancements.

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Querio is pleased to announce the open-sourcing of the following components:

Additionally, the Scraper and Publisher repos will be open-sourced later this week. For an overview of how these elements integrate, please refer to our high-level architecture.

At this stage, we are not open-sourcing our multi-chain code, focusing on the ICP version for the SNS. Our frontend will feature two distinct tabs for ICP and multi-chain indexes, each powered by the same search engine code.

As part of Querio Roadmap detailed in the Whitepaper (Section 7), we plan to on-board community content miners into our network by Q3 2024, aligning with the open-sourcing of our multi-chain code to encourage community collaboration.

However, after Querio transitions to a DAO, the multi-chain code can be earlier open-sourced through a DAO motion. This decision should be carefully considered to ensure it aligns with Querio’s development and long-term goals, while maintaining our status as the leading Web3 search engine enabling multi-chain dApp discovery.

We have also updated our whitepaper and SNS config spreadsheet to reflect the latest SNS enhancements and presale token distribution.