Upcoming Mora DAO SNS Decentralization Sale

I do appreciate a project having something very useable before doing an SNS sale.

Are there any known portions of the project that would not live under the SNS yet? or is the project at a point where everything can be transferred to the DAO?


Currently, the entire Mora protocol is built 100% on the IC network.
The Light plugin system is 100% based on IC.
While the Mora platform does utilize some third-party services at present, over 95% of the overall operations are developed and executed on the IC network. Below is a list of third-party dependency services:

  • Planet Indexing Service (Due to the decentralized nature of all planets, centralized servers are temporarily used for indexing to ensure efficiency. Canister indexing will be implemented in the future. Anyone can participate in this indexing, currently demonstrated only on the Mora platform).
  • IPFS Image Storage (To extend the lifecycle of planet cycles and reduce user costs, images and other resources are temporarily stored on IPFS. Canisters will be used for storage in the future).
  • Copyright Verification Based on Arweave (Signing content for copyright verification, providing irreversible timestamps for content).
  • URL to Card Services provided by iframely.
  • The traditional login service provided by web3auth ensures that traditional methods can seamlessly access the Internet Computer.

How does this MORA sns affect current token holders? will it be a new token or is it just being inflated? to 100 million beccause I thought the max supply was 21 million as stated on ICPswap. thanks



$Mora inscriptions are unrelated to the Mora platform token.

Why mora token on icpswap is now named roma? Is it an original token or scam?

The Mora Inscription is the name of the inscription movement initiated by other members of the community. It is not the official platform token issued by Mora. To avoid future naming conflicts, Kaos, the initiator of the Mora Inscription movement, initiated a renaming vote, which was ultimately determined to be Roma.

That means, Roma is a tempopary solution for the period of Mora DAO SNS creation? Will current Roma holders be presented a swap pool to transfer their Roma to original Mora platform tokens, without any loss?

The Roma inscriptions and the Mora platform token are not related in any way. The Roma inscriptions were merely coincidentally issued by the community member @kaos on the Mora platform, with the same name. Mora and Roma cannot be exchanged equally.