Upcoming Catalyze SNS Decentralized Sale

It is almost time to hand the Catalyze (https://aqs24-xaaaa-aaaal-qbbea-cai.ic0.app) platform over to its community by becoming an SNS-DAO. As the proposal to start the decentralized sale is coming soon we believe it is the right time to open the democratic process and get community members involved.

Please feel free to use this forum post to ask all of your questions to the team working on Catalyze.

The Catalyze platform

Catalyze is an innovative social application designed to run on the Internet Computer. The app serves as a community organizing tool and a social application on Web3 where you can build groups, interact with other members of your community, create/run events, and transact using your Web3 identity and wallet.

Catalyze currently has a suite of organizational tools, including calendar and events planning, tasks, chat, and community groups integrated into the application. As an end-user, you can log into the app using your Web3 internet identity or Web2 credentials.

Here is the link to Catalyze’s white paper (SNS White Paper - Catalyze) for a more detailed description of what the platform is about and what the vision is for the future.

Decentralization sale details

  • Min participation: 1 ICP
  • Max participation: 150,000 ICP
  • Max to be raised: 1,300,000 ICP
  • Min to be raised: 650,000 ICP
  • From Community Fund: 400,000 ICP
  • Min participants: 125

More details on the sale can be found in the white paper (SNS White Paper - Catalyze).

We have successfully completed our SNS code audit with https://beosin.com/ and will be posting the results in a reply to this post later this week. Once post we will move the remaining code repos to join the rest of our currently open source Github repo.

Lastly, you can also find the team on Catalyze by joining the Catalyze SNS Feedback group (Internet Computer Loading)

Let’s do this all together!


“Beosin is a leading global blockchain security brand co-founded by several professors from world-renowned universities. The team consists of 100+ security experts with 40+ PhDs and postdocs.”

Looking forward to the report since I couldn’t find anything related to the IC.


Can you tell us how the “From Community Fund: 400,000 ICP” is calculated? This is more than 50% of the soft cap. Is there any reason why your project should have a higher CF percentage than the others?

cool project ,i will buy 10icp .

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Great question. We set the CF level based on achieving a raise closer to the Max vs the Soft Cap. But you raise a good point. We expected this element to get some good feedback and will take that to heart as we vet this paper with the community. We can revisit the floor level to improve ratio, as example, or make adjustments to the CF level. We wanted to find a good balance between proper funding (to build something amazing for the IC community) and not stressing individual ICP investors who are dealing with a volatile market.

You just want to get more money from Comunity Fund.

As far as I understand - those who participated in the CrowdFund NFT sale 7-8 months ago will receive tokens in proportion to the invested funds.

  1. Will there be any advantages for early investors?
  2. Will Tier 3 NFT holders get a limited run NFT and access to a NFT gated community on Catalyze as originally promised?

Quick question before diving in. Will you be geo blocking U.S. addresses?

Edit: I attempted to log in using my II on Safari, but when the screen came up to create a username, I am not able to view the terms and conditions. Clicking on it does nothing for me and I turned off all blockers. Is there a way for me to view those terms and conditions prior to signing up using another method?

I submitted a bug report through your feedback link.

We will be doing special airdrops for early supporters post SNS and we are working some additional benefits for NFT CF holders. Stay tuned.

Yes there will be a special NFT gated community for NFT CF token holders. During the spring we developed the back end for both NFT and Neuron gated communities. We actually have been beta testing the NFT gated communities in production for a few months.

During this time we decided the whole Catalyze UI needed a redo and we hired a top flight design firm to rework the UI and UX. That UI is being coded out as we speak.

By doing this we can offer the promised NFT gated community features we planned but with a more elegant and approachable UI/UX.

We debated firing up the NFT community for our CF NFT holders but when we saw the new UI we decided to wait until we got closer to SNS.

We also are developing something called Catalyze Casts which are akin to Twitter Spaces. Casts will be a key feature for the NFT CF Token and Neuron holders to have the fireside chats with the Catalyze team we envision during the CF back in November. Casts will of course be available to all users and groups in Catalyze.

We cannot wait to release those for our valued NFT crowdfund holders and the broader Catalyze community!


Thanks for the comprehensive answer and good luck as the project looks really promising.

Wishing you tremendous success with the upcoming SNS sale! May it be a resounding triumph for your endeavors.

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Saw on twitter that the audit was done for a while now, are you translating it to English or removing the bad parts before posting it ? Thank you

Its a failed project; Bad Product with no real users and user engagement. Its only happen in IC where useless projects are welcoming to raise funds.
400K ICP from CF is Looting our valuable community resource…

Anony, In your opinion should the community fund only invest in mature products with no growth outlook? Thanks, I’m eager to read your thoughts.

Hi DHemingway,
I didn’t say anything about product maturity. To be honest i don’t see any value proposition or competitive advantages on this product. In addition to this I have used this platform and it seems that no actual user engagement like the team claimed.

keep me in the loop.

Hello @rlaracue, the link to the whitepaper seems broken (though it can easily be found on the website following the same link)

They web dev team was messing links. Sorry about that.

Here is the WP link from the newly launched Catalyze site. Whitepaper - Catalyze

BTW we are working on a promo video showing the new Catalyze (v2) that is coming. This will give people noodling on voting or buying tokens some extra context on where we are headed. Catalyze 1.0 was an alpha/beta with an MVP UI that was out there longer than expected given the bear market and all the lovely post FTX/SEC drama.

We hope you will be excited about where Catalyze is going and your roles in curating that journey as SNS neuron holders/advisors.


@rlaracue Will you be geoblocking US users and do you have a link to your Terms and Conditions for creating an account?

We are discussing it with our legal council atm. T&Cs will come from that discussion.

Our goal is to establish the DAO in Switzerland and we are also having discussions about moving our company there as well (or at least to Europe). The company move to EMEA will happen at a later date vs the DAO which is more immediate.

I will post back here once we get a final call on geofencing etc. Thank you for a great question!

Be well.