Upcoming EMC(EdgeMatrix Computing) SNS Decentralization Sale

You are merely an internet spammer under the guise of a community, standing on the moral high ground and fabricating facts will give you presence.When you go and accuse someone of something out of nothing, which is justified, and when someone responds to you, you become the judge of the community.


I like how we resort to name calling now. Zack has been with ICP community from the very beginning. It is hard to hear opposing views. I get it. Maybe go touch some grass. Go outside in nature and realize that sometimes things aren’t always how you make them to be and it’s not a bad thing to hear diff perspectives.

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Rumor mongers who create rumors out of nothing, jumping to conclusions outside of their own perceptions instead of thinking about other possibilities, rejecting new things because they think they are the OG of IC, that’s why IC’s ecosystem is so bad, and now what’s left isn’t a builder but a bunch of OLD DOGS who are trapped by the price of ICP.
It’s pathetic.


I don’t know where you get your anger from. It seems like you have never had anyone critique you in your life. We are just voices here, nothing more nothing less. We love Dfinity and the vision Dom + Team set for the Internet Computer. It has actually surprised me how negative this thread has gotten. First time this has happened with my interactions on this forum. We each have our own values and are free to express ourselves. At times this leads into conflict with people like yourself but I will never resort to name calling. We just want what we think is best for the ecosystem. I don’t think we have any ill will. I personally don’t have any ill will toward EMC. I am just holding it to a standard of what I would like to see.

And yes I do love dogs.


Not sure why you are so negative.

I totally understand why people are reluctant to answer positively to your new NNS intent, not even a week after the opposition you received last week. How about not rushing it and make the steps the more diligently possible, instead of resending the next intent the following day ? Dont you think it shows quite some project and tokenomics immaturity if the number you provide arent accurate ? Maturity doesnt evolve within 24h, nor in a project structure, nor with the interaction and view from your community ( even tho you give openly rewards for people shilling your project )

Look at the bright side, so many NNS are happening right now and market conditions arent so great.

You will probably be much more successful with better market conditions, and have a more mature product in a few months to reach your goal. I do not think anyone in here has bad intentions and if people are studying and analysing this project so much, is because they have great expectations and they should be thanked to point weakness in this project since they will be also the first one to support you once they will be answered.

Instead you dont seem to answer them respectfully.


old dog means someone who thinks they’ve been occupying resources for a long time . I love dog too.
You guys are always assuming people are jumping to conclusions and that’s what pisses me off. I’ve never refused to criticize, but to accept it respectfully in the face of planted evidence is not the right way to go about it, and the accusations from the beginning to now are all figments of your imagination that are neither proven nor logical. We tried our best to explain, but it seems that this situation is getting worse and worse, with terms like Chinese citizen and American citizen both appearing in a web3 community, racism is exposed. The purpose of decentralization is not to be free to accuse others without accountability, and hiding your intentions by saying “We are just voices here, nothing more nothing less.” doesn’t make you any more noble.

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So I asked GPT-4 what it means in China and it said:

In Chinese culture, calling someone an "old dog" (老狗) can be considered disrespectful. 
It's akin to belittling someone by referencing their age or suggesting they are outdated or obstinate. 

So I guess AI is wrong as well. But I trust that you had the best intentions with saying that to us.

I think that is the purpose of free speech not decentralization. Decentralization just distrubutes the power of what gets censored and by whom.

I do have a very active imagination, but not with conjuring up lies about something. I just reach my conclusions based on my analysis of data.

I disagree, I don’t think anyone has been racist.

But anyway, I do wish you the best with EMC. I really liked the project at the beginning but further interactions have made it not pleasant to say the least.


You are a rational questioner, and I am willing to answer your questions:
First of all, there is no problem with EMC’s token economics (if you read the whitepaper carefully, you should know that there are a lot of new ideas in it), what is problematic is the mechanism of SNS, which was originally designed for dapp, not Infra, and EMC’s mistake is not a design problem with tokenlogy, but rather a problem with checking into SNS’s parameters, which is only a few hours of checking work It’s just a few hours of checking work.
I’ve experienced far more failures and frustrations than the average person, and created just as many accomplishments. I’m not going to get upset over some well-intentioned accusations (your query, for example, seems like a well-intentioned reminder to me), my dissatisfaction comes from the unfairness of the situation here, and I can cite plenty of evidence for that:

  1. the EMC incorrectly transferred canister control to governance instead of root (we submitted it, it was just the wrong mention), and modClub didn’t submit it at all (how did dfinity check it, we just double-checked it), which is why modClub re-initiated the first round before the second round of voting was over. If the EMC shouldn’t have re-voted on the third day, what’s the deal with modClub being within 24 hours? And as you can see, Dfinity immediately led the first 4 neurons to vote YES. is this double standard, is this unfair.

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I am not sure I understand what you mean, instead of re-voted* you meant re-initiated the SNS intent ?

As far as I know there are no rules about it. Besides, my explanation was not talking about rules* but change in point of view from voters to shift their no to a yes ( ModClub did not get a no in an unbugged finished voting while expecting a yes few days later )

Besides EMC got shilled by Dominnic on twitter, did you have fairness ethic issues back then ?

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  1. why so many NO’s on the first round of voting, this is just a whitelist, Dfinity is going to cancel the first round of voting in 2 weeks and merge it with the second round. Is it because someone is pulling strings to get people with voting rights to reject EMC, I don’t like conspiracy theories until I see the info. The reason I’m angry is that the ICP ecosystem is so withered, tons of developers have left, tons of investors have lost money, there’s still all these conspiracies going on inside the community, it’s easy for you guys to force EMC out (in fact we’re ready to leave the IC ecosystem because it’s not worth the effort), and this ecosystem sucks, from the system to the management.

I’m also sorry it’s come to this, we’re not scammers, we’ve put in far more effort than you can imagine, but it doesn’t matter, people are prejudiced because they’re stubborn, and preconceived notions are hard to correct

I am not sure what it mean Besides EMC got shilled by Dominnic on twitter, did you have fairness ethic issues back then ?

I mean the reason EMC was rejected by Dfinity at the last minute in the second round of voting was because of a setup issue with the SNS initialization, but since that setup can’t be rolled back, we’re willing to accept the error and restart the voting from the first round. modClub was the same issue, and was even more eager to restart the voting than EMC was, so why is the community harshly blaming EMC for this? the exact same situation that resulted in the is the opposite, Dfinity’s voting attitude says it all, this is a centrally controlled community.

Special thanks to EMC for their contribution, Bilud > Criticism, Actions speak louder than words.
For criticisms有则改之,无则加勉(If there is something, change it; if there is nothing, encourage it)

The road is winding, and the future is bright!
(The revolution has not yet been successful, comrades still need to work harder!)

don’t understand how the foundation reacted so much. The second round of modclub’s proposal actually voted in favor so quickly. It happened last night.…

Voted yes. Sorry if you get kidnapped in China or whatever those concerns were.

In fact, the EMC Foundation is registered in Singapore and the members of the Foundation are all Singaporean, not Chinese!

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Centralised or not, thats a a statement that is not only different depending of one’s perception but i its also changing over time in the direction of decentralisation imo. And its not per say bad depending of the state of the organisation at a given point.

Beside, Dfinity did not vote yet, and maybe they will vote in your favor !

Maybe less people doubt about the modClub ( already quite old in the space and working afaik ) compared to your project that is very new here. And you already think about leaving ICP, so maybe they are right.

If the community judges the excellence of a program based on longevity rather than content, then it is indeed right to leave

You’re still instigating and I don’t trust your intentions at this point.