[AMA] EMC & ICP Technical Discussion

Hello everyone

Since EMC proposed the SNS proposal on the forum, we have received many inquiries from developers, including inquiries about open-source code, business models, and our relationship with ICP. We are thrilled to see an increasing number of people accepting and recognizing our original intention to liberate the idle computing power of cryptocurrency miners and provide more valuable and affordable computing power for AI.

Last Friday, we held an AMA event for the ICP developer community, which enabled some developers who initially had doubts and concerns about our project to gain a clearer understanding of our motives. This made us believe that an open-minded attitude is key to success. Therefore, as planned, we will launch the second round of AMA targeting community developers this week, and we have invited several developers from the community to participate.
@icarus @Icdev2dev @zire

We welcome all developers in the community who are interested in us or still holding a skeptical attitude to join us in listening and asking questions. Let us work together to build the ICP community ecosystem. The future may not belong to EMC, but it will certainly belong to the web3 development community with an open-minded attitude.