Upcoming EMC(EdgeMatrix Computing) SNS Decentralization Sale

Hi Team. You guys are not to blame.There is a reason for this.
NNS gave neuron funds to degraded Web2 apps such as Catalyze, Modclub and Hotnot, and continued to give gifts to empty projects like Ghost and Boom DAO.Also, I plan to give money to Seers who repeat the problem recently.

I’m sorry. We distributed too much money to trusted friends and the money we gave to engineers was empty.But this is DAO’s choice.

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Isn’t there freedom of speech here? Doesn’t everyone have their own values? I conclude from your words that it is MANIPULATING OTHER PEOPLE’S WORDS, and you conclude that it is VOICES FROM THE COMMUNITY. And you know what I see? Hypocrisy and arrogance.

This is going really well. I’m so glad that the community is voting NO to this project. The founder is clearly never received any negative reviews in his life. Arrogant and already saying he is leaving ICP because no one gave him candy.

  1. Other projects are here for a while. We know them and we trust them.

  2. Even in real life, if someone asks for money you don’t give them just like that. You can lend to people who you know for some periods of time without hesitation. You’re a stranger and you need to build community with confidence and patience.

  3. Your project failed because of the way you’re responding to community.

  4. You are saying that Devs are here because they are stuck due to the price of ICP? Genius.

  5. If we are bunch of losers, then why are you asking for funds from us?

  6. Dominic has shilled many things. Even bad NFT projects. It’s Twitter and people do all kinds of things. Not a testament and no one cares of Doms tweet.

  7. I cannot imagine if your proposal goes through at this point because I’m sure you gonna runaway with it.

If you’re such a big dev and hero, stay and code. Show us what you got. You are not SNS ready. We need founders who can take things positively and work and improve their project.


If you say this logic, sns is over, completely out of the spirit of blockchain…

Completely out of the original intention of dfinity construction, IC needs to judge whether it is sns based on human experience, right?

Hi, this is not correct, our SNS was configured correctly. The dapps vector was populated with our canister ids but due to a bug in the SNS the fallback occurred and our SNS was put into an invalid state. We have to restart the process again because of this, through no fault of our own.

You can follow the technical explanation in Dfinity’s post as to why the dApps vector is empty.

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Hi, please see the post above. Thanks!

Microsoft just announced they are planning on using Aptos to train their AI models. Do you know if EMC could work on Aptos?

I mean no offence, but if by “Other projects” you mean the Web2 copied projects, wish you all the best.

why don’t you just re-do the handing over control to SNS root.

From our discussion with Dfinity, this would not fix the issue. Once our SNS was put into an invalid state it could not be changed back.

What is the vesting period?

Also where can I see the yaml file sns?


@Antony you have to right and freedom of speech, but if you claim yourself as investor, your comment will be more welcomed if you complete your due diligence before making any claim. If you vote No simply because you just don’t like/trust EMC just keep this to yourself and you don’t represent other hence grammatical don’t misrepresent with WE. And any comments from Zed is referring to You, Antony personally as you don’t represent the community.

As co-founder of EMC, I and highlighting the facts:

  1. EMC Foundation was incorporated in Singapore and governed by Singapore law as a non-profit public organization (refer to ACRA website). I am native Singaporean and chairing the foundation, support by our Legal partner YDZHAO who hold legal certification from US and China. EMC structural design is in compliance with Singapore, HK and China local regulation. Zed as CEO is leading our development team who is based in China, while the operation of EMC protocol is Global and outside of China.

  2. This 400 forum threads, give insights on how we have interacted, taking constructive feedback and coming back with better resolution. I don’t agree with you point of “Your project fail”, against this is misleading and falsify claim.

We need to focus on constructive feedback and productive conversations that can help ICP ecosystem to grow and EMC as community project to develop. As EMC continue to grow we admit the mistake we have made and most important we dare to accept the challenge, rectify our mistake and come back with better proposal that drive the project toward success.

It is important to have trust from the foundation and community as we continue to build. During meetings with Dfinity, we have made it clear that this is big decision to build EMC economy, consensus and verifiable datas on IC canister, if we do not secure the support from foundation, way need to reconsider EMC tech stack. The noises from forum will certainly be filtered and constructive feedback will be taken. We have setup a meeting with Dfinity team to discuss and align on EMC strategy.


You seem like a more reasonable person and thank you for engaging in a constructive way.

Do you know where I can find the yml file for SNS?


Oh :sweat_smile: I was asking your their SNS file.


will be disclosed before OpenSnsTokenSwap proposal on github.
But you can refer to tokenomics here

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Let me restore what happened:
ModClub initiated multiple second votes (which in hindsight should have been a bug in SNS) and control of canister was not handed over to SNS root (modClub email note was due to the release of control after redundant proposals were rejected, not a lack of handover), which I thought was logical, and I saw “what I thought were facts” and made an incorrect judgment, I would like to apologize for misunderstanding the @modclub team.


Also, I will not be responding to any questions outside of technical or system design of EMC in the forums

Here is a technical / system design question. You say in your current live proposal :
" The following 5 Dapp canisters (same applications as last submission but redeployed in new canisters) will be directly controlled by the SNS.

  • Official Website: 2heg6-2aaaa-aaaap-qbl3q-cai
  • EMC Node dashboard: 2afak-xyaaa-aaaap-qbl3a-cai
  • EMC Hub: 2jglw-bqaaa-aaaap-qbl2q-cai
  • EMC Requester of Computing Nodes: 23a4p-naaaa-aaaap-qblzq-cai
  • EMC Stable Diffusion: 2ohnc-miaaa-aaaap-qbl2a-cai

The following 3 Asset canisters won’t be handed over since they’ve been handed over to the governance canister within last submission. And they are planned to be replaced with official ICRC-1 EMC token and corresponding new canisters after SNS launch ASAP.

  • DIP20 Token: aeex5-aqaaa-aaaam-abm3q-cai
  • EMC PreSale: bvojc-yyaaa-aaaam-abm6a-cai
  • EMC Node Reward: nk6pr-3qaaa-aaaam-abnrq-cai "
  1. Why NOT replace with the official ICRC-1 and corresponded canisters BEFORE the SNS launch since AND THIS is your words you will do it right AFTER ?
    Do you not have the time being busy in the forum ?

  2. Why are you NOT showing the YAML configuration file ? as per 1.4 in the :
    SNS Launch Checklist