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Does anyone know if I can use Unstoppable domains on ICP? The utility address hosts ICP token. Thats the only info I could find.

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same idea, https://icevent.app/ is doing that.

“Calendar” act as “group” or “community” for collaboration
“Todo” track “idea/task/issue/bounty” progressively, can be assigned, “subtodo” to break big idea down to small tasks.
“Event” as schedule
“Note” for sharing information

Inbox - receive message from dapps or other users, which is totally user owned, owner can choose which dapp to attach, set blacklist…

decentralized ESCROW service
benefit for P2P tradiing, e.g. secure deposit for people trade on craigslist or facebook marketplace

do you mind sharing the code repositoy link? thanks

Is not open source yet.

But made progress recently. Hope to launch demo alpha end january.

Open sourcing is on the roadmap

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dApp idea here- and pardon my lack of understanding if what I am about to propose makes no sense.

For background: I work as a senior AE at a F100 company in the US who is also on the hiring committee (for the sales team)

The biggest issue we are facing right now is candidates lying on their resumes. This is a tale as old as time, but has skyrocketed in recent years. If you aren’t on hiring committees you may think “well, just check their references and see if they checkout.” Sadly, this cannot work in this day and age. If you’re unaware, when reference checking for resumes, any public company worth roughly >~$10 billion can only confirm the start and end date of the employees prior jobs. The HR cannot verify if the candidate truly made president’s club, or actually increased revenue 30% YoY, or actually did anything they claim to have done!

This seems like a slam dunk for where enterprises would want to be involved. The costliest thing for any large organization is the hiring and training for an employee that either doesn’t work out, or turns out was lying and is highly inept.

Once again, no clue if this is a good idea or not but thought I would share. Thanks!


A platform that allows people to create Challenges that can be solved by implementing Solution in a canister. At the most basic level, winning solution will be awarded a bounty and participants other than the winner will receive tokens of appreciation for their participation. A Challenge will include verify and acceptance tests to verify and accept submission.

I’ve been saying this for a while. Build it on Figma. Add it as an extension. Figma is such a complex product to build that sold for $20B. This would A leverage a tool that is already there and B onboard all the designers in that ecosystem. The extension can publish to a canister and then others can even further add functionally to mirror Shopify. Eventually when it has enough capital it can build it’s own tool in rust and deploy to Wasm. I think Figma uses C++. Anyway would be a great thing to demonstrate with a bit of work.

Not sure if this is even reasonable but….

What if there could be user owned canister LLMs that, as a user, you could choose to give access to all of your text messages/social media/ etc. for the LLM to be “yourself”, kind of like a 1 of 1 NFT. Then there’s a dating marketplace where each users AI NFTs can communicate with one another and then recommend whether you and someone else would be a positive match?

It would take away the “all that matters is looks” dating apps, and actually be a huge step up from the Hinge’s of the world where they do their best to cater to personality.

Once again, not a dev and have no clue if this could work or makes sense. But if it could work, it would disrupt the dating app marketplace

I would like to suggest a kind of web browser that synchronizes a server and devices.

Scenario 1. Let’s assume a PC and mobile phone. You are starting to write a blog post using your phone. Since the mobile environment is inconvenient(small display, difficult typing), you would like to keep the writing on your PC. Your blog, unfortunately, does not provide automatic saving. So you should copy the post you wrote on and send it somewhere such as your email. Now, you open the both mail and blog site on your PC, paste the copied post into the blog, and then resume writing. What a terrible experience!

Scenario 2. Now there are two devices(PC, phone) and a server. The new web browser synchronizes the server and devices. When you open the browser on your PC, there is the blog tap with a post you were writing. You can keep writing on your PC without copy and paste.

Generally, there is a server and devices. The server interacts with the web. And the server communicates and synchronizes with your devices(pc and mobile): WEB ⇔ SERVER ⇔ DEVICES

Think of dynamic web pages. The browser has to show a PC-specific page on a PC, and a mobile page on a phone.

You can run your own server or use a cloud service like ICP. And the web site could be a Web App.

I’m not sure if it is possible; I am not a programming expert. I know that unstable server or internet connection degrades the user experience. But I love seamless experiences that allow me to continue working on multiple devices, like Google Docs.

I really like the Endorphin OS idea(Endorphin (mobile OS) [Community Consideration]), and I’d be happy if it came to fruition based on a browser like this.