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We’re interested in the kind of dApps people would love to see out in the world. If a particular dApp idea gains enough interest, we can create separate threads and even consider issuing Bounties to seek talented developers who might be interested in bringing these ideas to fruition.

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A dap that does ofx calls for financial data!


I’ll go first second:

Swap Canister

A canister that allows for P2P swaps of any assets (Tokens, NFTs). Two (or possibly more) parties can create a swap and the swap canister acts as a secure and trustless escrow. With the direct bitcoin integration and the Phase 1 of the ETH integration, this could even include cross chain swaps.


A tiny dApp that keeps track of all SNS proposals.
Users can vote directly in the app and manage followees.
Followees can be added by users with a short description and the app shows the recent voting activity of these neurons, so you don’t follow a dead neuron.


I would love to discuss this further. This is great.


I can share the ideas for DApps that I would definitely build with Juno, if I had time. :wink:

  • A time tracking dapp: I would port my existing time tracking app (https://tietracker.com) onto the blockchain.
  • An AI-powered image generation DApp: This DApp would utilize AI to generate images and store them on the blockchain, allowing for a flexible format. This feature would be useful for creating social cards for DApps.
  • An on-chain alternative to Formspree**
  • An on-chain alternative to Mailchimp**
  • A website for my retired dad, showcasing his hobby of painting :grin: (his instagram)

** these two would need http outcalls which is not yet implemented within Juno


ICP currently lacks traffic, I will make all chain cross-chain centers supported by chain-key technology, not only BTC and ETH! Ltc, the doge, etc, the doge, sol, dot, cosmos, shib the more the better, because each additional chain can increase user and liquidity, just need to let people know, ICP is risk-free across chain center, we can get to encrypt the world first-class amount entrance! But I don’t have the technology. I hope the foundation can pay attention to this idea


Can ICP provide users with VPN services, pledge ICP or use ICP to purchase and use? It seems that VPN software in the encrypted world can gain many loyal users


@infu Swapper. Atomic swap | multi-token | multi-standard | multi-type NFT / FT


all those form/email apps somehow always make $$ lol


Another one crypto tax software similar to Koinly.


I totally agree with integrating as many other chains as possible. There could be a specialized team for it doing only that. Every chain in the Top 100 should be integrated.

I would make one exception and just boycott Solana.


I thought of this idea. It would be an excellent service for market makers.


@cryptoschindler @dfisher
Yes, let’s finish the Swapping service. Even DAOs will be able to trade with it. I’ve just started it, but it needs some more to get to production.

Feel free to complete it. I am currently swamped with work on Neutron


:space_invader: Blackholed canister that stores (timestamp + hash + principal + opt meta text) indefinitely, paid for with cycles.
You can use it to prove something. For example, you hash a file and store it, later you can prove you had that file on a particular date. No need to upload the whole file.
Or a blockchain that periodically stores hashes from its transaction log to prove it didn’t modify them.


Sadly I am not technical. But I salute you!


Spreadsheet based smart contracts or an interpreter for spreadsheet formats that IC dApps can use to run a spreadsheet on chain, imagine being able to define vesting schedules, tokenomics, etc… without having to mess around with code.
A little bit over an year ago I was working on a project and wanted to give users as much options as possible to define vesting schedules and realized to achieve what I wanted I either had to implement some kind of scripting language or spreadsheets, most non technical people are used to tools like Excel to interact with ledgers and I believe such a thing could create a lot of interesting use cases and make Web3 more accessible.


@Zane I’ve been thinking about that. Spreadsheets are the killer app for PC since the 80s and still are. No wonder Apple, Microsoft, and Google have their own. Just not sure what the angle is exactly. That will be a perfect app for Neutron.


So what is the Internet!

Is it a place for everyone to defile, extort and recruit for their beliefs to make them the most powerful and the richest person on earth?

Is it a place to spend most of my time and go nowhere?

Or is it a place of communication for my needs?

I have a home address and when you know that address you know where to find me, should I not have an address on the internet where the people who need to be in contact with me have my address and those I do not know, don’t?

I have a letter box and find those who want to get my attention don’t care that I have a message that states, no spam and a ex who thought it would be great idea to provide my email address to the dark side of the web and has driven me mad with my spam folder full of the uninvited.

Just like my screen that is invaded with many forms of uninvited messages that I don’t want or care for and now that has been extended to my mobile.

Is it the intention of WEB3 builders to now protect those who I don’t want to be connected to and give them the right to harassment, fraud and lie.

So far I see more of the same, shopping, games, chat, video but no moral compass.

Should we not be building a set of standards that is lacking in WEB2 and not just building what is already out there.

The IC has created the basis to be removed from the people YOU give names to like powerful which you claim your disapproval of and then your idea is to do the same!

Should we not adopt the systems that have been in use forever and proven like every person who has a home address where you hold your personal details in one place and update in one place as my personal information is not yours and when I need to update my personal information I have to go everywhere to make changes for those who are permitted by me to have access to my personal information, yes that’s right, make Governments conform to using a standard to rid duplication.

That if someone is not permitted in my communications then they are not permitted, unsubscribing is a weak and deplorable standard and I should be able to exclude sites that I have to tick the conditions of use or want my email address to continue.

I am not weak that I believe I have to provide anyone with my email or any other personal information and will exit any page that thinks that I have to do that.

Like the food shop last week, if I wanted to order food I had to go online, download an app, login in and provide all my personal information while advertising to order from a counter just meters away.

NO, I used the door and went somewhere else.

The success of the top web companies in the world and this will include crypto in the future is not those who scam, spam and behave poorly, they are those who build standards from the bottom up and not the superficial.

I want to see WEB3 like my TV, be able to select what I want to view and the power off button for those I don’t.

Why not an incognito set of standards to the sites where information should not be collected like banking, no, not porn and gambling, that is my choice not yours.

To me there seems to be 3 types, those who like to dress up their genitals, those who follow and those who see differently.

I would like to see the IC extended not for financial transactions but the standard that all organizations use as the platform to communicate and transact in a secure environment where hackers and spammers have to get a real job and I get provided the home address of the people I can make responsible for their cowardness.

Should we be building the same old, who isn’t or should we build on top of this project all the missing parts that we know and can see are needed when using the WEB instead of the fastest way possible to the superficial for gratification, power and money?

The idea behind crypto was to replace fiat currencies because you can only trust governments to destroy systems and then they are handed off to private industry.

I want to see the IC take on the standards of how to do business on the web by voting as a decentralized system.

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