Mentoring for dapp architecture with dynamic canister creation in Rust


I started the reconfiguration of my dapp backend in Rust since I have to pass from pre/post upgrade to stable memory. With this I had to rethink the architecture of my backend almost entirely and also because the way I am doing it is cycles and performance wise not efficient.

With this the reorganisation the question of dynamic canister creation for users and daos came since a few dapps went through this process recently.

I got some information here and there on how it works but I feel that having a few hours of mentoring with someone who did this or who have the knowledge would be very helpful.

I am willing to pay the right price for this, is there anyone who feel can and would like to help me in this ?

Thank you very much,



+1 I’d like to see a tutorial or code demo on how canisters can spin up/ install wasm of new canisters. In rust would be awesome :slight_smile:

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Hey @Inuani,

we are always happy to discuss and provide guidance as far we can in the Developer Office Hours on Discord on Wednesdays 7am UTC and 5:30pm UTC.

A couple of resources that might help. If you want to go the canister-per-user route, then codebases to consider are:

We also had a session in the Scalability & Performance WG (August 17th) on the performance benefits of sharding a dapp in multiple canisters (these are negligible on a single subnet).


Okay thank you,
I wrote this message because I was in the Dev Office hours and
that is what they suggested me to do, because few devs went through this process.

I’ll check your ressources thanks and start working on it, I would still get the help from someone willing to.

Beside paying for this, I could engage myself to do a video on how to do it once I’ve done it for my app and share it.