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There is no doubt that it is AI APP. The only disadvantage of the world’s top 30 blockchains is AI. If ICP can create practical application of AI, it can seize this wave of traffic inlet and completely defeat ETH!

It is worth noting that it does not have to be decentralized, because our ICP goal is to link WEB2/WEB3, so we can use DFINITY’s professional programming to create AI applications suitable for users’ habits and attract people from the coin circle!

Traffic can solve the problem of ICP not being noticed, and right now the only thing that can get traffic is AI.


Agreed that AI applications (esp. generative AI related) on blockchain will be a game changer. For example, I read an interesting article by Coinbase that talked about the growing need for media provenance in an era where AI-generated content looks so real.

This is not news, but the amount of developer interest in AI is at an all-time high right now.


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I’d love to see or even work on that.

I personally dream of some kind of platform where people could brainstorm and collaborate on ideas, like in this forum thread. It could work like some kind of forum also, but with an ability to create a team, assign tasks and start working right away. Maybe with some kind of project pages, fundraising and decentralization built in.


I don’t k now how to make a post on here so i will . on this not related to the topic at hand but i and make an ICP identity and i keep getting this error message.

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The Internet Computer ecosystem would benefit from a website builder platform similar to Wix, Weebly or Duda. This visual drag-and-drop builder would allow users to easily create websites without needing to code.

The platform could also have an extension marketplace where developers can build add-ons for additional functionality. Some extensions could be premium, allowing developers to charge recurring monthly or yearly fees. Over time, this website builder could grow to fully replace solutions like WordPress and Shopify.

To sustain websites that run out of cycles, the platform could incorporate a donation system so users can contribute cycles to keep sites active.

There is also an opportunity to build tools tailored for gaming communities, as Enjin’s site builder ceased operations. This could be achieved within the same website builder through extensions like forums, calendars, raid organizers, recruitment, etc.

Overall, an easy-to-use visual website builder with an extensible architecture would fill a need in the ICP ecosystem for non-technical users to build robust online presences. It could become a leading alternative to incumbent solutions.


I need an ICPHONE
I hope to simplify everything and provide an interface that ordinary people can understand.

You just need to make an ICP that a 13 year old can use, and it is shocking that there are still a lot of people who don’t understand ICP, and can’t use an ICP wallet, or even find an ICP wallet!

Essentially let’s build our all of the infrastructure that other blockchain ecosystems already need but use centralized clouds to achieve, for example:

  1. Graph Protocol Indexers
  2. Roll-up sequencers
  3. Bitcoin mining pool
  4. Bitcoin Lightning Node
  5. EigenLayer AVSs
  6. Data availability layers for rollups
  7. Improved fraud proof execution to reduce optimistic rollup challenge-periods

Ultra private, fully owned storage

Nearing alpha. Dev is slow lately. If anyone is interested, please dm.

-Focus on full ownership, privacy and security
-Create and fully own in seconds using your II

-Free to use, open source, build yourself
-Web3Disk Service for spawning canisters through easy UI (earn model: charge for full storage capacity)

-Fork of Dfinity’s asset canister
-Canister serves its own frontend for single canister solution
-E2E encrypted with vetKeys
-Stable storage

-Ownership is responsibility: users manage cycles through frontend
-Only your II and optionally your NNS are controllers of the canister (for users, devs can add any principal)

Arguably the most ‘secure while convenient’ online storage on earth, thnx to vetKeys!


This sounds like a MAJOR growth hack. @lastmjs how do you flag this idea to the growth team at Dfinity? @lomesh ?

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Lets get crazy

How about a WASM runtime running inside a canister so we can have something like CanisterOS?

A canister with CanisterOS could have terminal and could install small wasm blobs and run them. Like miniDapps from dappstore

Also possible as networks of canisters without wasm runtime, but slower.

I personally would use such a thing. I feel confortable having some of my stuff secured in a canister which I can acces through onboard frontend and my II

That was part of the motivation for Web3Disk, see above

I also believe that a key part of sovereign ownership on IC is related to how devs can hand over ownership of canisters to user II and NNS through frontend only.


Reminds me of/could pair with GitHub - DustinBrett/daedalOS: Desktop environment in the browser

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MEME COINS are the best dapp

Hey Schindler. I’m new here (apologies in advance if I’m in the wrong forum category) I’m currently developing a game (web2 with web3 integrations and assets). I was reading about ICP and the eco-system falls in line with my game structure. I also read that it is possible to migrate a web2 website | game into the ICP eco-system. As I’m nearing development I’m thinking ‘lets go with ICP’. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! :smiley:

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Spot on. These are all areas I would like to see work on.

Have you checked out Juno.build?

HI Michael - Thanks for the response, I’ll check it out. We are almost ready to start developing. Considering some of the information regarding ICP, makes for a good option.

I was thinking of letting the develops do their thing then migrating into ICP and integrating the web3 assets. GOV TOKEN and other NFT assets. We are literally planning to commence developing next week using unity. Thanks for the response. What to do? lol