Unleash Your Inner dApp Wizard 🧙🏽‍♀️ Share Your Magical Ideas Here

Very excited about this thread. I wanted to drop a note that as a part of our new KPIs, the Neurotic Podcast is actively looking to help refer projects to the DFINITY Dev Grant program. If you’re thinking about applying for a grant to help build any of these ideas, please consider getting in touch with us to help you along the process!


No more dapps! only wapps now! thats the idea

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There is no doubt that it is AI APP. The only disadvantage of the world’s top 30 blockchains is AI. If ICP can create practical application of AI, it can seize this wave of traffic inlet and completely defeat ETH!

It is worth noting that it does not have to be decentralized, because our ICP goal is to link WEB2/WEB3, so we can use DFINITY’s professional programming to create AI applications suitable for users’ habits and attract people from the coin circle!

Traffic can solve the problem of ICP not being noticed, and right now the only thing that can get traffic is AI.

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Agreed that AI applications (esp. generative AI related) on blockchain will be a game changer. For example, I read an interesting article by Coinbase that talked about the growing need for media provenance in an era where AI-generated content looks so real.

This is not news, but the amount of developer interest in AI is at an all-time high right now.

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I’d love to see or even work on that.

I personally dream of some kind of platform where people could brainstorm and collaborate on ideas, like in this forum thread. It could work like some kind of forum also, but with an ability to create a team, assign tasks and start working right away. Maybe with some kind of project pages, fundraising and decentralization built in.

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