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Hello everyone, my name is Roberto, I’m Italian and I start by using google translate, so sorry if there are so many errors.
Let’s get to the point and try to be as concise as possible.
I love IC technology but we know that something is missing in terms of defi, marketing and obviously for the time of adoption, now I’ll post an idea and I’d like to know your considerations.

Project Dapps IC Galaxy

My idea is to have a dapps killer where everything is enclosed, Imagine having everything a human earns on a single dapps, I take a cue from everything around the world, for example: Youtube, twitter, Etoro, tik tok, real estate or travel agencies, uber, delivero, nft I could go almost indefinitely, but all these sites have only one purpose , create a vicious circle of money.
our goal is to target and help creators who bring adoption, people, interest and publicity, We have to focus on the creators and encourage them to use a dapps on IC.

Let’s take a cue from youtube, I would like on IC an area dedicated to video courses, influencers who make gaming or movie reviews, or music creators, let’s imagine all this on a dapps IC, creators who create video courses on everything that may interest people , for example, cooking classes, trading, investments, etc., all of this, generating movements and transactions. How can a creator gain?
When I think of the benefit of a creator to come to IC I basically think he has different types of incentives,
1) First we have to bring them on the dapps to try, then create an Airdrop, where the creator is encouraged not only to have an alternative to existing content on other platforms that are almost obsolete but to have alternative earnings to mere viewing, an airdrop with good marketing can activate a lot of people, both speculatively and actually interesting to creators, plus they try dapps. The airdop must be particular, for example, those who start a presentation video may be entitled to it, perhaps make a 5-minute or 10-minute intro on his activity, for example: Video course on Trading or developer.
2) Paid course, the creator must have the ability to create a private room where he can set up a paid course for those interested in learning more about a specific topic.
3) Possibility of staking, in addition to the interest of their own content, the creator may have a small part of the commissions that come from transactions directly on an IC wallet such as staking, the more he uses the dapps and creates interest and therefore leads to adoption and mass, more it has a chance and a profit margin, it certainly has several incentives, at least to try this dapps.
Another fundamental point, we must give importance to the reviews, people must have the possibility to review everything, but with a mechanism of micro transactions, it must not be a spam, but it must be a constructive and real review, so pay to review something that liked it or did not like it, all this can be encouraged with mini airdrops on a monthly basis or beyond, and be certified after several months and activities with a check like amazon or twitter to give a sense of belonging and real consideration, so we have two utilities , adoption and giving credibility to creators, it goes without saying that all these things need to be managed with an IC wallet.

Copy the best traders

We take a cue from other existing dapps, you need to create a dapps where you can make investments both in crypto and in assets such as tesla, enel, ferrari etc etc, all with a small advantage for those who are not very prepared or approach this world for the first time, give the possibility to copy the top traders and create sub forums where a trader can give advice or get paid for advice. What if a top trader gets copied? he can be incentivized with a% from every commission that is paid to copy that trader, so he has more chances of earning.


Here there is little to say there are many collections already started on IC, the only thing I would do is to create mystery boxes where the content is not completely known, not even a preview of the author …

Secret Chat

Create a chat where you can create private rooms, people have the ability to sell private content, such as photos, art, nft or consultancy in a completely secret and private way, all obviously managed by transactions for everything that is created or sold.

Dapps Translations

Encourage the translation of content from any document, a particular person can showcase their experience in translating content and documents and set a rate.

Create your own E-commerce

Here the same goes for the video creator, the main problem is, why choose the dapps IC ?, the key word is to incentivize and give all the tools to create and sell their products.

Notice board I am looking for a job

Give the possibility, through the bulletin board or chat, to insert your resume with sub-forums on the type of job to have a control and make a selection of what you need or vice versa, recharge announcement for a specific job.

Search dapps

A little bit what google does, but we give the possibility to do it through this super dapps, once we use and we are inside this dapps why go out and use google? we can give search keys specialized in traders and more, to give help and a guideline

Discount codes

Create discount codes to use uber, taxi, globe, mcdonalds, burger king etc etc. the importance of creating collaborations is fundamental everything also binds to incentivize companies in the world to use IC, for example Mcdonalds can create discount codes and have the opportunity to launch his NFT collection, here having collaborations is essential, it could be immense as an adoption.


There is not much to say here, now many dapps have their own launchpad, it is certainly something more, maybe you can encourage developers to choose IC.


IC already has many messaging dapps, such as discord, twitter and more, but I think it is difficult to have adoption on a product that arrived later and above all a little isolated, my thought is to give great importance to this Super Dapps, the I call it that, which encompasses everything, do monstrous marketing on this, create hackathons and events to highlight all of this, I think it’s something gigantic if the team and Dominic present a Super Dapps, I think most of the dapps are already created by the team, but we must give centrality and importance and unite them to have adoption and attention of the mass. I also want to tell you that I am not a developer and this is just an idea of ​​what I think can be done on IC, I hope in a serious discussion, I may have also said bullshit and unfeasible things, I hope I know your ideas, add or remove something , if there is a chance to develop something like this, thank you for your attention.


I would like to have a discussion with everyone and above all to have the opinion of some developers, one to understand if it is really feasible and then to understand if it can be a direction .
In my opinion, highlighting a Super Dapps with great incentives for creators and developers can amplify what is already good on IC…

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A super dapp is an intriguing idea but I wonder if it wouldn’t be too overwhelming for the end user.

Maybe create a super app (like there is WeChat in China), then have the various people who are already developing applications on the IC (Distrikt, OpenChat, Canistore, etc) have a way to plug in their applications on the super app.

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Why could it be too overwhelming? I like to see all sides, look at the potential and maybe the gaps…

Excellent observation, I think such a thing would be more linear and lighter, connect all the dapps with a click on this Super Dapps, and it would be easier to create this Super dapps am I wrong? obviously implementing what is not already on IC but having much less work for developers to do…

We definitely need a YouTube on chain if possible. Portal is too closed-off, one that pays its native governance token out to content creators per view, which could be sold on open market…a real decentralised YT. Also could have burn functionalities

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Good idea, in fact you have to create adoption, and in my opinion putting everything on a single dapp and doing good marketing can create a lot of interest, leaving out this moment of total madness in the crypto world, but it is right now that the ideas are born and see themselves the differences between blockchains, who is really worth

Looks like apps like ME by Astrox may provide this kind of experience

is it always an IC app? in a nutshell there are already a lot of dapps, you have to implement some other utilities, incentivize the creators and then do a lot of marketing with big events … they have to attract people, otherwise they are in the shadows …

This is a good idea. This is what Elon Musk plan to do with Twitter.

Great, so I didn’t say bullshit :smile:, how can we bring attention to this thread to have someone on the team, or who may be interested?

Even if it’s very interesting, I think that the team is actually more concentrated about to create the tool to build apps than about the apps themselves. Your idea actually need more tools to be implemented… Like SNS… And these tools are being implemented now… It’s a bit early now.
More of the roadmap should be accomplished before.

Team is more focused (understandably) on core protocol items like BTC integration. Super app is for the devs in the ecosystem. So this wont get attention from the core protocol part, just to set your expectations from the word go.

It is actually a long-term job, now the foundations are being created for all the dapps, but this could be an idea to be included in a roadmap, maybe 1/2 years …