Community Fund idea

So I have an idea to bring new users to the IC. I am not 100% on how the Community Fund works but this seems like a good use for it.

I don’t think it’s a hot take to say DSCVR is the most user friendly dApp in the ecosystem (no offense to anyone else). When showing off the IC to my friends who are involved in crypto I almost always choose DSCVR due to the ease of use compared to any other dapp on any other blockchain (views based on what I have used myself).

The most recent slide puzzle posted by DSCVR was awesome. One of those get under your skin, “why can’t I figure this out” puzzle. I sent it to a handful of friends whose replies were basically “holy sh** this is much better UI/UE than metamask (or other wallets)”. Needless to say none of us could figure out the puzzle, BUT they were all very impressed with the speed, no gas, and all on the blockchain dscvr dapp.

I think it would be a great idea for dscvr to make another difficult slide puzzle and attach a Bitcoin as the prize for users who can complete it. Then, both dscvr and dfinity can go to twitter and tweet out the slide puzzle with btc prize with quick instructions on setting up II to get them to try. It doesn’t matter if 10 people solve the puzzle or 10,000. It is 1 Bitcoin split amongst the winners. Now what I think would make it very fun is doing it for “48 hours only” or “1 week only” and have the puzzle actually show the user how many others have completed it. If it is a very hard puzzle and there are only 5 who have completed it 3 days in then it will be guaranteed that people will continue to keep trying as the cut of the btc is larger. Then have a “congrats” page for those who solve the puzzle to post to Twitter and brag (CT is all about bragging). Even if 1700 people solve it that is still 1/100 of a btc each and with the btc integration this will be a pure highlight of what only the IC can do. If this was introduced as a proposal to use 4200 ICP from the community fund to buy the btc for the prize it would benefit the entire ecosystem while costing almost nothing. There are 7.8million ICP in the community fund. 4200 ICP is 0.0053% of the supply. Or maybe dscvr team could fund it. Maybe even a crowdfund.

I am hoping this is seen by the people who can actually make moves or get this seen by the higher ups. It would be the first Bitcoin ever “airdropped” as a prize, all on chain. Seems like a fair and easy way to attract both users and most importantly eyeballs. The IC value proposition isn’t that it is the fastest and most scalable blockchain (though it is), the value proposition is that developers can do/build things on this chain that can’t be done anywhere else.

Thanks for reading yall.