I need all the ICP Community to help turn our app into a super #SNS #DAO #Channels #ICP #Blockchain


Hello, my name is Marcus Duke I’m the executive director of a local non-profit we have been in business since 1996 out of Milwaukee Wisconsin in 2016 I won the BET award for my community service working with gangs. In 2019 I started out on a journey to build out a community business directory for the 2020 for the DNC convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin however covid wrong everything to the end, so in late 2021 I pivoted the project rebranded it as mycitychannels.com. and worked on making it a global DeFi Marketplace. In 2023 I rebranded it again as channels.biz.

#CHANNELS Revolutionize the way urban cities connect and engage with AI-powered Web3 DeFi ChatGPT SmartSite Technology through channels.biz (http://Channels.biz), a global business directory and marketplace for any person, place, or thing, powered by MCC Tokens.

I stumbled up on this technology several days ago and I am blown away by its potential and how closely matched it is with my dream of #channels.biz.

I had one goal from day one, and that was to turn #channels over to the community… after I figure out what I wanted it to really become. After finding this technology, reading, studying and listening to multiple videos, I believe this is the tools and ecosystem that we need to succeed together.

I would like to turn the complete #channels blockchain system over to the community from programming, designing, marketing, regulatory, distribution, security and all. And build out the internet computer largest SNS DOAs to date.

I have a site that I built over WordPress I would like to move that site to the internet computer. www.Channels.biz I’m looking for programmers to initiate the move, code or recode the site, set up GitHub repository, program and code internet computer canister and more. I personally am able to code but no way am I a professional coder, I studied hard to get the skills I needed to build out my dream app. But I also know this will work best with an engaged community. This technology is pretty new to everybody involved but I believe it’s exactly what we were missing with web 2. One of my biggest issues with web 2 was giving our content away, being forced to promote the product and forced to meet certain thresholds in order to get compensated for the use of our content. Only to watch them get bigger and richer.

So thank you for allowing me in the community, I’m hoping you guys will take a look at what I’m offering and give me your honest opinion and feedback on how we can move this forward.

Thanks Duke.


If your website is html, you can deploy the front end via dfx deploy. This shouldn’t be too hard.
I have a simple website that was deployed that is entirely html.

I don’t know about the sns though, that would probably be for another user to comment

I do know that there are DAO tools outside of the sns such as icpswap hosts dao tools for projects.

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Here’s the thing… I want this to be :100: percent community, My coding skills are not that great and I want this to be a huge success. So please join the team and help us get this done. #channels

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Dear Developer/Programmer’s,

I hope this email finds you well! I am reaching out to you with an exciting opportunity to join our community and be a vital part of an ambitious project. We are looking for talented developers and programmers like yourself to collaborate on building a groundbreaking platform on the ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) network.

Our vision is to create a platform that revolutionizes the way we interact with technology, pushing the boundaries of innovation and collaboration. To achieve this, we are turning the entire project over to the community, and we would be honored to have you as a valued member of our team.

Here’s what you can expect by joining our community:

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  2. Full Ownership: We invite you to take ownership of various aspects of the project that align with your interests and skills. Whether you excel in frontend or backend development, WordPress, design, promotion, or have innovative ideas that can shape the platform’s future, we trust you to contribute and make a significant impact.

  3. Growth and Learning: As part of our community, you will have the opportunity to expand your skills and gain experience with the ICP network. Engage in meaningful discussions, explore cutting-edge technologies, and collaborate with like-minded individuals who share a passion for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

  4. Recognition and Rewards: Your contributions matter to us! We acknowledge and appreciate the hard work and dedication of our community members. We will recognize outstanding achievements, highlight exceptional contributions, and offer incentives and rewards as a token of our gratitude.

To get started, simply OpenChat: Decentralized chat on the Internet Computer Once you’re in, you’ll have access to all the necessary resources, project documentation, and discussions to kickstart your journey with us.

We are thrilled to have you as part of our community, and we can’t wait to see your unique skills and ideas come to life. Together, we can create something extraordinary on the ICP network.

If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Thank you for considering joining our community and being an integral part of this exciting project. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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#CHANNELS Revolutionize the way urban cities connect and engage with AI-powered Web3 DeFi ChatGPT SmartSite Technology through Channels.biz, a global business directory and marketplace for any person, place, or thing, powered by MCC Tokens.

Channels.biz is a groundbreaking platform that leverages AI, Web3, DeFi, and ChatGPT technology to create a vibrant ecosystem connecting urban cities, businesses, and communities. By offering a comprehensive global business directory and marketplace, for any person, place or thing, we empower individuals and enterprises to discover, collaborate, and thrive in a digital-first world. Our MCC Tokens fuel this innovative economy, enabling seamless transactions and rewarding active participants for their contributions.

An ambitious startup aimed at disrupting the traditional city-centric model by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. We combine the power of AI, Web3, DeFi, and ChatGPT to create a dynamic platform that connects urban cities, businesses, and individuals on a global scale. Our innovative approach provides a unique DeFi marketplace and business directory, enabling seamless collaboration, discovery, and economic growth. By utilizing MCC Tokens as the native currency, we facilitate secure and efficient transactions while rewarding participants for their engagement and contributions. With a strong focus on user experience, privacy, and security, we aim to become the go-to platform for urban city-centric digital interactions.

We are revolutionizing the way cities and communities interact in the digital age. Our platform harnesses the power of AI, Web3, DeFi, and ChatGPT technology to offer a comprehensive ecosystem that connects cities, businesses, and individuals. We aim to break down geographical barriers and facilitate global collaboration, enabling businesses to expand their reach, individuals to discover new opportunities, and communities to thrive in an increasingly interconnected world. Our commitment to privacy, security, and user-centric design sets us apart as a trustworthy and innovative partner for the future of city-centric digital engagement.

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