Transaction history after NNS launch particitpation


After participating to a launch on NNS.
How to obtain the transactions history for that token.
i.e. there was the launch of ELNA.AI where can I find the transaction of the creation of the neurons?
Is it the same way for all launches?

Thanks in advance

If you open the details of a neuron, you can find the “Neuron Account” for that neuron.
You can then find transactions for that account by searching on the dashboard.
Does that help?

Yes, that help. Thank you very much.

I have an extra question. on my ICP neuron if I auto stack to maturity will the transaction appear there?

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No, I believe maturity (staked or non-staked) is not ICP and does not appear in the neuron account.

Is there any other way to get the receive maturity and stacked maturity transactions for ICP or/and other coin?