NNS Dapp Feature Proposal — Neurons Table View


Today, there is no simple way for NNS dapp users to get an overview of all of their neurons in one place. If you want to know how much total maturity you have, it requires taking out a calculator and clicking through neurons one by one.

Proposed Solution

We propose to bring the table component from the tokens page to neurons. This would provide users with a better overview of their neurons, and include additional information for easier neuron management.

The proposed design consists of two interconnected tables. The first table lists ICP and all SNS DAOs, giving an overview to the user of all of their neurons and maturity in one place. This table also allows users to stake right from here without having to navigate to the specific project.

Hiding the projects where the user has no exposure would work the same way it does today on the tokens page. There is a settings icon in the top right corner with a toggle to show/hide tokens/neurons for which the user has no exposure.

Clicking on any of the DAOs would display a second table that shows all neurons the user has for that specific DAO with some of the most important information readily available. We propose this feature to be released in phases so that the NNS community can enjoy an earlier version, which does not contain all features.

One of these features coming later would be a “neuron activity indicator”. The neuron activity indicator is a small icon next to each neuron to alert users if their neurons have missed rewards.


We hope you find these proposed changes as exciting as we do, and would like to welcome your valuable feedback! If there are no strong concerns with regards to this feature, we plan to propose iterations of this as part of the normal release process.


Seamless view for quick info. I enjoy the abacus for brain exercise, but this is dope.

Looks good. Just hope it doesn’t look too cluttered on mobile.

Looks good! If it can help, note that the fonts for labels such as years and days in your screenshots @chepreghy follow the same font as the values, instead of labels such as ICP. Lightening those as well would perhaps improve general readability a bit?



That’s a good idea, hope it will be coming soon !

Let’s do it. And any if we can find any to reduce the steps for II sign up or login to the NNS securely it would be awesome. Current implementation is good but I am looking for something similar to Zklogin from SUI wrt to UX.

I like it. My main issue though somewhat unrelated to this is I have multiple individuals and entities under a single II. It would be helpful for me to be able to label who owns the neuron or to be able to give it a name from the staking screen. Also when disbursing maturity for SNS tokens, I can only disburse to a Main account and have to mix multiple individuals and entities tokens in the same wallet. I can’t wait to be able to disburse to sub accounts like I can with ICP. I have to track everything in separate spreadsheets and is a nuisance. This is a big step in the right direction!

Agree, I think it looks a bit cleaner.

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