There was an unexpected issue while searching for the neurons. Can't find variable: BigUInt64Array


when i log in, i only see my balance on the token page, get the error “There was an unexpected issue while searching for the neurons. Can’t find variable: BigUInt64Array” and on the neuron page none of my neurons get shown.

Can someone help me? Thanks.


I have problems with updating my version is there any other solution for it?

So far did not find one and did not got any answer.

What device and version do you have, iPhone xx or iPad yy?
Which iOS version?

As far as I understand lowest iOS version compatible should be v15

My iOS version is 14.7

Ah that’s the reason. I still did not get any feedback nor found a polyfill that would work, could you upgrade to v15 or it’s really impossible?

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I have updated it now but I think it should work with older iOS versions too

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Great happy to hear you solved it by upgrading!

I am not aware of anyone else having issue therefore, not sure personally it is worth investing further as upgrading iOS >= 15 solves it.

But PR welcome too. It probably needs a polyfill here.

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